Orange County Upscale Magazine is a Real Media Whore

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An upscale Orange County magazine that is so upscale your intrepid reporter never even heard of it seems to be courting the husbands of its blue-haired lady subscribers with its latest edition.

Just wait until silver-haired prude Anderson Cooper finds out about this!

Yes, ladies and germs, feast your eyes on . . .

For those who have not figured it out, the name of the pub is Orange County WHERE, not Orange County WHORE, as media watcher Jim Romenesko delightfully observed this morning.

Anyone else feel sorry for the lovely lass on the cover?

"Mom, I booked my first cover!"

Then it hits the stands.

"No, mom, I'm not turning tricks next to Disneyland."

OC Where's editor tweeted apologetically today that the "image placement was inadvertent," but since the company does not want to "offend," a replacement issue is being printed.

I dunno, I think the new name could create a niche in a high-end mag market already dominated by 944, Coast, Orange Coast, Riviera, Montage and Trophy Mommy Makeover Monthly.

Of course, given the readership, Orange County WHORE may be a bit too, um, street. Orange County MISTRESS or Orange County CALL GIRL or Orange County PERSONAL ASSISTANT might be better fits.

Think of the centerfold's likes, dislikes and OC high rollers banged. Guys would be fighting for chairs next to the stack of magazines in local dentist offices. And you thought our personals made you blush!

Larger cover images for WHORE WHERE magazine are on the next page.

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Im not familiar with this magazine but this magazine gives a good aura. I think this is because of the brother drum unit that was used in printing the magazine. This magazine can keep me busy for awhile because of its good printing quality.

James Hall
James Hall

Wow! this matt cocker guy is just as bitter as gustavo of Upscale White Women.. poor White people who Hate the Upscale Whites especially if they have Flawless features are called white liberal democrats! I bet when gustavos talking Hate on the White Man, matt cocker just sits there and laughs and allows it..Too many democratic libtards that belong in Fresno not the OC.


was it a mistake? who heard of ocwhere before this?


She is bummed. Pretty big fuck up right out the gate.


Small correction: Romenesko posted about this Sunday morning, September 2. Not today.

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