Mikel Anthony Williams I.D.'d as Fatal Stabbing Victim in Alley; Joseph Robert Suess Held

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Anaheim Police have identified the fatal stabbing victim found in an alley off the 800 block of North Zeyn Street early last Thursday, Aug. 30, as Mikel Anthony Williams, 55, of Irvine.

No motive has been released for Anaheim's 10th homicide of the year, which has been blamed on 37-year-old Joseph Robert Suess.

More details on the crime and Suess' past here:

[UPDATED with Arrest of Joseph Robert Suess:] Unidentified Man, OC Homicide No. 29: Stabbed in Anaheim Alley

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Police investigators still need the public's help. If you know anything about this murder, call Anaheim Police at 714.765.1900.

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I have never been able to find out what happened in that alley in Anaheim last August.  Where does one find an update on Suess, etc?  

20ftjesus topcommenter

It's another pretty obvious lesson that Irvine residents should stay out of Anaheim. 

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