Grenades and Pipe Bombs Couldn't Save Orange County Meth, Pot Dealer From Federal Agents

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A 47-year-old unemployed Orange County businessman--who ran a busy methamphetamine and marijuana operation from a Garden Grove house protected with grenades, pipe bombs, rifles, a shotgun and a massive cache of high-powered ammunition--learned his fate this month in federal court.

Micky Apostolovic, the onetime registered owner of Master Marble/Tile in Santa Ana, initially pleaded not guilty after his 2010 arrest, but later changed his mind to win a plea bargain that got 11 felony charges dropped in exchange for one conviction for meth sales. 

In proceedings masked in tight secrecy at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, U.S. District Court Judge James V. Selna sentenced Apostolovic to 68 months in prison.

Apostolovic's cohorts have previously been sentenced, including:

--Vietnam native Mylene Bui (AKA Dung Bui), three years of probation;
--Todd Anthony Ambrose, 84 months in prison; and
--Jayson Robert Wootten, 120 months in prison.

The drug dealers were not aware that Garden Grove Police Department detectives and federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) agents had the Chapman Avenue home under extensive surveillance. It wasn't too hard to build a criminal case; both Ambrose and Wootten were already convicted felons. And the drug dealers were growing pot and making meth at the property.

Officers weren't impressed that Apostolovic claimed he was licensed to sell medical marijuana. The drug dealer hasn't yet been transported to federal prison. Records show he remains in custody at the Santa Ana Jail.

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got to be somebodys cuz to get off that easy. or turned snitch.  the feds kill women and children with snipers  if they think you have the "wrong" gun.  this wad had bombs and gets less than 6 years.

20ftjesus topcommenter

Why all the secrecy? 


 @20ftjesus After reading the other article about the secrecy for the phony escort scam. my thought also.

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