Meet Today's Stupid Orange County Robber: Joel Boyd

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Costa Mesa's Joel Boyd and Chad Watts robbed an Orange County Cash Plus business and got away with more than $26,600 until FBI agents apprehended them and two, 2005 juries rendered guilty verdicts.

Watts, now 31, won a 121-month trip to a federal prison in southeastern Arizona, where he remains today.

But Boyd refuses to go away quietly. 

He's filed more than a half dozen appeal arguments to overturn his conviction.

This week, U.S. District Court Judge David O. Carter, who sealed huge portions of the facts of the robbery and the defendants' criminal backgrounds from public consumption, denied Boyd's latest claims that his criminal defense lawyer gave him ineffective services in front of his jury. 

It probably didn't impress Carter that Boyd willingly used his allegedly incompetent trial lawyer to file the ineffective counsel argument appeal. 


Carter also noted that this defendant admitted his guilt to an FBI agent and stupidly discussed the crime with Watts after their arrests when officers pretended not to be listening.

Upshot: Boyd, 36, will continue to serve his whopping 320-month punishment at a federal prison in Allenwood, PA. His projected release date is in 2032.

Both indigent robbers have been ordered to pay restitution to Cash Plus.

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Regardless of how you feel there are children involved who need & want their father. I know first hand he changed his life & years later a rat to get himself out of his own troubles turned on these two men. Due to the hands of another man lives, families, and a marriage ripped apart. How dare you judge & demean the character of a man you don't know and have very few case facts? He was a excellent father, a loving son, a supportive brother, a loyal husband living the perfect life, with a promising career attending church because he did get himself together. But his past is what hunted him and the disloyalty of a frienemy.


Good to see the "wer'e not listening" interrogation technique works as well today as it did neigh on some 80 year ago, when I first came up with it

Oh and it helps when the criminals are dumb as a box of fucking rocks

BillxT topcommenter


 My cop friends tell me they don't have to work all that hard to catch most perps.

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