Went to a Crime Scene and a Lap Dance Broke Out: 10 Examples of OC Strip Club Mayhem

Daniel Vidal Santana pleaded guilty Monday to kidnapping, assault producing great bodily injury, two counts of sexual assault and auto theft for an early morning crime wave that included beating up a stripper he met at an Anaheim Club.

As the Stanton resident awaits an Oct. 26 Superior Court sentencing hearing--where, under a court deal, Judge Steven Bromberg will likely send the 26-year-old to prison for nearly 22 years and order him to register as a sex offender--feast your eyes on these 10 examples of Orange County strip club mayhem.

10) Mr. J's and Andrea Nelson
Andrea Nelson, R.I.P.
On Jan. 27, 2003, Andrea Nelson was brought into Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, unconscious, not breathing and cold to the touch. Just a few days earlier, Nelson's name had turned up as an informant in a Tustin Police Department investigation of Officer Anthony Bryant, who was suspected of having unsavory ties to Mr. J's, a since-closed Santa Ana topless bar. The case involved Bryant and two other officers from Buena Park who were friends with Sammy Johar, whose family owned Mr. J's. Johar, a former Tustin police explorer, provided his friends in uniform with off-duty jobs and sexual favors from Mr. J's dancers, and Nelson had agreed to spill the beans to investigators after breaking up with Johar. Bryant and the other officers were fired, but after Nelson's death our Nick Schou could never locate them nor Johar, who disappeared after jumping bail on a drug charge. (See "Requiem for a Dreamgirl" and "Last Dance")

9) David Alex Park and Captain Cream
Officer David Alex Park's booking photo
Early one morning in December 2004, on-duty Irvine Police Officer David Alex Park disabled his unit's GPS, followed a dancer home from Captain Cream Cabaret in Lake Forest, pulled her over in Laguna Beach, whipped out his mini-nightstick, jerked off and splooged all over the sweater covering the poor lass' breastices. The married cop was later arrested thanks to his DNA being all over the garment. But a jury incredibly found the married Park not guilty of three felonies, agreeing with defense attorney Allan Stokke that the woman wanted it. As our R. Scott Moxley observed after examining the evidence and attending the trial, "How are you ever going to get a conviction against cops in OC for anything?" (See "Illegally Park-ed")

8) Carlos Rosario Gonzales and California Girls
Carlos Rosario Gonzales mug OC murder.jpg
Carlos Rosario Gonzales got 50, will likely do less.
A bouncer was shot and killed in October 2006 at California Girls Gentlemen's Club, a then-topless bar on Harbor Boulevard in Santa Ana. An argument over the unauthorized touching of a dancer preceded the shooting, which resulted in Carlos Rosario Gonzales of San Jacinto being convicted of first-degree murder. But Gonzales' original 50 years to life in prison sentence is expected to be reduced substantially, as Moxley reported in March. Meanwhile, that California Girls location has since gone full-nude, although touching is presumably still verboten. (See "Carlos Rosario Gonzales Murders over OC Club's No-Fondling-the-Strippers Rule")

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Well, years ago Anaheim had them but in the old days more tame than today. The only reason women do it is the tip money but there are bad customers.


I've been in these kinds of clubs all over the world but it's only in this country that murder and mayhem seem to surround them.  I wonder why that is?? My guess is that the quality of the human race in this country has sunk so low that they can't even behave half civilized any longer. I never go to clubs like this here. Especially in big cities. Vegas, sometimes. But mostly in Europe and Asia.  


I just thank you for the pic! but 100 bucks? their dignity only costs a dollar!

20ftjesus topcommenter

Coker, so what are you trying to say?

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @909Jeff Think $100 would be enough to wipe away the faraway look in her eyes?

BillxT topcommenter


 Yah, generally Matt writes well-composed, coherent stories, I had a bit of a problem with this one.


I think I get his point, though:  bad cops + civilian scumbags = deadly combination.


Intended as gentle criticism, I really do like his work.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @BillxT  @20ftjesus Blog posts are like spaghetti. You throw them up against the wall and see what sticks. And then you drench it in Ragu.


@mcoker @BillxT @20ftjesus This story could use subtitles for each incident. It all kind of blurs together on the "page" and jumps around when read.

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