Dana Rohrabacherism of the Day! President Barack Obama Employs "Atheist Fascism"

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The happy congressman touching some young guy
During his long, bumbling career, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has pretended that he's a God-guided, American hero and patriot determined to protect the nation's best ideals against insidious attacks.

But not everyone buys Rohrabacher's shameless posing--perhaps because it's difficult to imagine a real hero and patriot who carefully avoided all military service--especially combat duty--when he had a chance to enlist during a time of war.

Using Twitter, Stephanie LBGT Mills this week told Orange County's senior career politician: "oh, stop with the 'anti-religious freedom' bs; again, I'm NOT the one promot'g discrimination based on ur religious beliefs!"

The congressman's response?

"U R anti religious freedom!" he wrote and then added another Rohrabacherism to his massive, junkyard heap of official brain farts: He declared that both Mills and President Barack Obama, who is a self-identified Christian, employ "Atheist Fascism."

In other words, Rohrabacher--probably through tequila-inspired bravery--believes he's found a clever, passive aggressive way to ridiculously compare the sitting President of the United States to history's worst madman, Adolf Hitler.

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Didn't Rohrabacher sign the "Contract with America" about 23 years ago with the provision to eliminate career politicians by term limits? Oh, I guess that only means Liberal career politicians.


What did you expect from Do Nothing Dana.  He is supported by the Republican Party of OC, Republican Party of HB. How many pieces of legislation as he introduced in the House of Representative  as he has served 22 years living off the taxpayers dole.  Next he will try and qualify for food stamps.  Do not forget he supported the Taliban in their fight against the Russians and through his astute leadership they are now the enemy of the USA.

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