Lying on a U.S. Passport Application Earns How Much Prison Time?

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Manshack: Favorably compares US prisons to China prison camps
Orange County's Chrisstian Pax Joseph Manshack lied on his U.S. passport application so he could flee the country for Asia in the hopes of outrunning domestic violence charges.

But any relief Manshack felt when he first landed in Thailand evaporated while in China.

Communist agents arrested him for overstaying his welcome and tossed him into a nasty, mountain prison that had scary military guards and no windows to shield occupants from cold weather.

Manshack was forced to march, prevented from cleaning, crapped in a stinky hole, ordered to memorize Chinese rules and given tiny amounts of rice to eat and water to drink each day. 

He quickly lost 30 pounds and feared he'd never get out. 

The nightmare lasted 70, grueling days until Chinese officials deported him back to California.

Nowadays, Manshack--a Louisiana native who grew up in the San Jose area--thinks that he's got it good inside the relatively luxurious Santa Ana Jail

Because lying on a passport application is a felony--he concocted a fake letter claiming a business event in Thailand, Assistant United States Attorney Sandy N. Leal at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana sought a 10-month prison term.

But this week, U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney sentenced Manshack, a 34-year-old Yorba Linda resident, to a term of eight months of incarceration. 

Carney probably liked that Manshack has taken responsibility for his criminal past (which includes robbery), grew up in an abusive childhood and endured the horrors of a Chinese prison camp.

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well this guy saved my brothers life in prison so I don't care what you say about him.

Sean Henschel
Sean Henschel

Other countries don't treat "Illegal Immigration" so welcoming like our bonehead country does. We need to do the same.

Dave StClair
Dave StClair

What happened to the domestic violence charges?

Phil Maurer
Phil Maurer

" no windows to shield from freezing weather". Umm err that makes little sense.

Shaunna Johnson
Shaunna Johnson

They should have kept him in China. Hell ship all the murders and child molesters over there to serve their time. Show them what real hard time is

Fong Trinh
Fong Trinh

Will it cost less to treat our prisoners as if they were committed in China?

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