Brinda Sue McCoy, Wife of Oceanside Police Chief, Gets 15 Years for Stand-off with Cops

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Brinda Sue McCoy, the wife of Oceanside's police chief, was sentenced today to 15 years in state prison for shooting at responding police officers after calling 9-1-1 and initiating an armed stand-off.

The 49-year-old had been found guilty by a jury on June 18 of five counts of assaulting a police officer for waving, pointing and firing her husband Frank McCoy's semiautomatic service handgun at Cypress cops the night of Dec. 16, 2010.

Mr. McCoy used to be the mayor of Cypress.

Mrs. McCoy reportedly tried to take her own life after her conviction.

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Not the first time she has been out in public with a gun threatening to kill her self. I'm surprised the awesome OC Weekly reporters didn't sniff that story out.


This is a very interesting case. While I agree with the fact that the mentally ill should seek treatment and be treated...this woman obviously had great medical insurance...she obviously had seen a mental health care professional. She reportedly had taken an anti depressant with a "couple of martinis". Wow...sounds like a really poor decision and lack of personal responsibility to me. etsnell suggests she may have been abused by her politician/police chief husband. Could be...but apparently she was not willing to make that claim. All marriages are stressful.

This story just SCREAMS nepotism. She was treated specially from the beginning due to her husband's position. She was out on bail...attempted suicide...and her bail was revoked. When the "deal" was made, she received the reduced sentence (15 years instead of the "required" 29) due to the fact that she had been a nurse (ok) and her 3 children were all employed by the police dept. or in the military....oh, no nepotism there...ya think? I am sure Dad was instrumental in 2 of his children's jobs. The whole law enforcement community was "in the bag" for this woman. I have nothing against her...and the 13 years she will probably serve will no doubt ruin her life, but the charges against her were extremely egregious. If it had been a poor, ghetto, (heaven forbid minority) individual, can you imagine the outrage and the sentence they would receive without the expensive attorney and the procecutorial "dealmaking".....I am really somewhat stunned that this woman received this kind of exceptional, and unusual treatment.

We all have really, really, bad days, Brinda. 


I can't help but thinking that there is more to this story than what meets the eye. But please allow me to chime in. There are a few senerios that everyone seems to have missed. Besides the one that is playing out before are eyes that says she is a terrible person and should be locked up for nearly a decade.My concerns come from my life experiences and owning a business that has sucessfully helped hundreds of people navigate through the zoodicial system by posting the Real Estate to the courts rather than getting ripped off by the Bail Bondsman. (PC 1298)Most cops live a stressful private life and often times bring that stress home to there personal and  familie lifes. Thus people envolved with law enforcement are often times victims to some very henious stuff.  I ask you who knows the legal system better than a police Chief. If you where the Chief and had hold of the purse strings and was payiing for your wifes attorney wouldn't you cover up any abusive behavior. That would make her a double victim. She obviously had mental health issues and should of been treated for her mental illness and then stood trial. This is not normal behavior. 90% of all repeat offenders suffer from mental disabilities and societies tough approach of retribution instead of rehabilation has done nothing but pack are prisons not to mention turning out some of the most horrific criminals that get out and victimize society even worse than before they went in. The last grest discrimination in America is the plight of the mentally challenged.  California went on there prison building campaign and took billions from education and other social programs. It has perperatuted it's own abuse. While society has been asleep at the switch of a run away locomotive that has done nothing but pack our prisons with more gang members. When males get to prison they are forced to join a gang. This helps the prison staff to keep control bu dividing the population and pitting them against each other. This has given law enforcement, prison guard, Bail Bondsmen, judges and the courts job security  and has been cause for  the hotbed for gangs since 1970's. The biggest problem with crime are police unions and  the real terrorist the prison guards union. I wish this woman a speedy recovery and  a lawyer that can possibly investigate and unwind what I believe may have happened to the Chiefs wife..  Love power and respect to the peopleET SnellClown Community\

20ftjesus topcommenter

What's she worried about?  Women's jail is like summer camp. 

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