Calvary Chapel Pastor to Sue Son for Defamation

Chuck Smith: I like my pastors to sue critics!
Over the past two years, Alex Grenier has penned Calvary Chapel Abuse, an explosive blog that has served as a sound-off board for folks burned, abused, and generally turned off by the Calvary Chapel octopus. It was inspired by tragedy: Alex says his father, Calvary Chapel Visalia pastor Bob Grenier, physically abused him and his brother when they were children, charges Grenier has never admitted or denied.

Enough's enough for ol' Bob, though, it seems: yesterday, Alex posted that he and some commenters on his blog were served with letters of intent by his stepdad to sue for defamation

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Imagine how this would turn out if Yahweh actually existed.  Yup, he would give all of his sons' wives to him to sleep with in broad daylight.  Like he did King David's.

As punishment for his sons, of course.

20ftjesus topcommenter

Religion is so awesome!

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