Catholic Diocese of Orange Bishop/Pedophile Protector Tod D. Brown to Retire--HOORAY!!!

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Just got word that tomorrow, Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown is going to announce his retirement, and his successor will also be named.


This represents only the second good thing Brown has done in his 14 years heading Orange County Catholics--the first, of course, being his decision to buy the Crystal Cathedral instead of building a $100 million cathedral up the street from South Coast Plaza.

See also:

Other than that? A colossal failure of an era filled with the protection of pedophile priests and their apologists. We'll save that long story for another time--in the meanwhile, heckuva job, Brownie!

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Crimeconcerns.... should try to keep politics out of his comments.....It stops all dialogue.  It has no place in these  legal atrocities done by the rcc.


 The rcc is a dispicable place for any innocent person to be involved with.  They (the rcc) care for themselves and no other.  It is a "faux church" and has been found out by many,  especially myself,  in the 10 yrs I've been blogging against it.  I was brainwashed for over 60 yrs..brought up my 4 children in the rc faith and thought I was doing the right thing.I was an enabler to their lies and their evil doings.  I do all I can every day  to enlighten those who may read these comments.


 Thank God for His HOLY  SPIRIT.. that brought his holy light to myself and my husband of 61 yrs., there fore I say,  " I know  where by  I speak." 


If you  care what God thinks of you , you cannot in all good concience, stay in such a place that places their clergy in the same place as our Savior JESUS CHRIST.  They are not HIM and never will be and should not say they are  just that , here on earth for you and me and our innocents.  We're not  innocent as our children or our handicapped or marginalized and shouldn't act like it.  We should use the good  brains God gave us and  expects us to use and know a lie when we see it. These liers are worse than any thing I can even imagine, coming from people who say they are Christus to the world!


Good job, Brownie!  Hope you go far, far away...


If Bishop Brown has any moral decency left in his soul before he relinquishes responsibility for the destroyed lives he ENABLED by hiring corrupt attorneys/employees, with the assistance of the self-serving Republican GOP, DA and Sheriff, he will make public apologies, without a civil and/or criminal lawsuit demand. Brown knows that without the courageous survivors, their families, journalists and ETHICAL attorneys, his legacy after retirement would not be stained with filth and backroom deals! There was a strong force working in the affluent Orange County, California--I would like to believe the Holy Spirit was testing all involved. Brown owes the survivors an open and honest thank you, without public grandstanding and the nailing of some type of promise to the doors of churches--it is time to heal the faithful by publicly FIRING the Diocesan General Counsel, HR Director, school administrators (Brown knows who they are) and defense attorneys that have done nothing but make a fool out of him and the teachings of the Catholic Church and any decent moral society. MOST IMPORTANT, Bishop Brown owes my children, your children and everyone's children an explanation--they are the world's future.


@GustavoArellano pero como siempre, "despues del niño ahogado tapan el pozo!" Q poca maraca!


@glorybe1929... the politics in Orange County, California have unfortunately worsened efforts relating to the protections of children. I wish that was not the case, but it is. Hopefully, evil politics will not continue in the future. Reports are saying that a priest from Texas will be replacing Bishop Brown. This is not good news for the faithful in the pews and mandated reporters (Whistleblowers) in the affluent Orange County, California. Sometime in 2005, former President George W. Bush (a Texas native as we all know) granted immunity to the Vatican for approximately 100,000 sex crimes committed against precious children. @glorybe1929, you are very correct that politics should not mingle into the affairs of protecting children; however, former President George W. Bush should have stayed out of the clergy sex abuse crisis--his interference only worsened the pain for thousands of victims and families throughout the world. As stated previously, Bishop Tod Brown owes the faithful in the pews and thousands of children who have watched the cover up of heinous sex crimes committed against children here in the OC. Bishop Brown needs to stand up and take the lead in the U.S., and hopefully, others will follow him. Maybe even former President George W. Bush will apologize for his interference.

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