Notes Saying "Go Back to Baja Wetbacks" Placed on Cars of Latinos in Belmont Shore

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Long Beach is a great town, a town that likes to pride itself on its diversity, unlike us Neanderthals over in Orange County. Nevertheless, it's a place that boils with racial tension from time to time, as the city has turned from Iowa-on-the-Beach to one of the most diverse towns in the country. 

But such incidents usually happen in the working-class areas, definitely not in tony Belmont Shore, where Labor Day found some anonymous pendejo leaving nasty anti-Mexican notes on cars asking "wet backs" to "go back to Baja."
Courtesy of Griselda Suarez

Silly racist--don't you know most Mexis in the LBC are from Michoacán?

Here's another note:

Courtesy of Griselda Suarez

"There were several cars with notes like these," said Griselda Suarez, a lecturer in the Department of Chicano and Latino Studies at Long Beach State. "Our car had the yellow note."

Suarez filed a police report, but police shrugged it off as a freedom-of-speech issue. Besides, they were too busy arresting homophobic Marines at the Silver Fox. Sigh...

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