[UPDATED with 2nd Death, I.D.'s:] Ramon Magana and Edwin Alarrazabal, OC Homicide Nos. 36 and 37: Gang Gunfire Suspected

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See the update at the end of this post disclosing the second shooting victim died and identifying the dead men.

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ORIGINAL POST, SEPT. 27, 10:06 A.M.: Anaheim police officers, responding to a call around 10:45 p.m. Wednesday of multiple shots fired, arrived in the 100 block of North La Reina Circle to find two men in a red Chevy Blazer suffering from gunshot wounds. The pair was rushed to a local hospital, but one man died on the arrival. The second is clinging to life in what investigators believe is a gang-related hit.

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Identities of both men are currently being withheld by police, who ask anyone with information about the shootings to call 714.765.1900.

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UPDATE, SEPT. 28, 9:37 A.M.: The man who'd been clinging to life in Wednesday night's North La Reina Circle shootings Wednesday night lost the battle, Anaheim Police announced.

Edwin Alarrazabal, 20, was pronounced dead shortly after 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Police also identified the victim who was pronounced dead on arrival as Ramon Magana, 22.

The "About" section of a Facebook page for a 22-year-old Ramon Magana of Anaheim states, "I got three kids and one on the way." That Magana worked in the trucking industry.

No arrests or details about the shooter or shooters has been released, but police are still seeking tips that can be left anonymously at Orange County Crime Stoppers at 855.TIP.OCCS (855.847.6227).

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Damn, seems like most of the murders in oc are eithor in anaheim or santa ana. Gustabos worried about bad cops. But sounds lime the latino gangs doin most of the dirty work in oc. We should hire more cops like in anaheim. Id much rather have a few cops around that shoot a few gang bangers than have a bunch of useless faggots running around talking about their barrio , robbing, tagging, and killing. Just because they think their hood is harder. Fucking pussys. All of them.



You are an idiot! Why don't you move to Anaheim and see how much you like the cops running around shooting people and thinking they are god. Then make a comment on it. But you don't live here do you? Also if you read cops didn't shoot these guys. Gang members did. 

I knew these kids, Key word here is "kids". I never once saw them running around doing these things " running around talking about their barrio , robbing, tagging, and killing"! You sound like a "useless faggot" and a "Fucking pussy"! John Rose.




@rudydanielle Rudy daniel. You are the idiot. Learn to read. I didnt say the cops shot the little hood rats. And i do live in anaheim. Off brookhurst and katella. I feel a sigh of relief when cops take down these punk illegals. Incase you dont read the paper the # of car thefts, breakins, and murders commited by latino cockroaches far out ways the # of bad citizens the anaheim police have shot. So take your mexi lovin biased opinion and shove it up your ass. So many gang bangers and so many shitty parents in the mexican community allowing their kids to fuck up our neighborhood.


 @johnrose7588  @rudydanielle 

You are either a cop or just plain stupid. So many people like you fucking up our neighborhoods. I'm done talking to you. So don't bother to reply.

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