Boyfriend Rapist of Anaheim High School Student Hates California's One Strike Law

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Anaheim High School student had rapist boyfriend
A month after Orange County Jorge Luna turned 18 in 2007, his girlfriend ended their two-year romantic relationship and he reacted angrily by promising that if she "wasn't his, then she was no one's."

The following day Luna confronted the Anaheim High School student when she arrived on campus, pulled her away to a nearby apartment complex where he repeatedly struck her, threatened to kill her and choked her to the verge of unconsciousness.

Fearing she was about to be thrown off a balcony, the terrorized girl apologized and promised that she would reconsider breaking up.

The words delighted him, but he wanted more.

Luna took the girl to a stairwell, raped her and then let her return to school, where she quickly reported the sex crime to the authorities, according to court records.

Prosecutors inside the Orange County District Attorney's office charged him with kidnapping, rape and assault with a deadly weapon and in December 2010 a jury convicted him on all counts. Using California's "One Strike" law, Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly ordered prison as punishment.

But Luna appealed, claiming that he was being punished as if he committed the kidnapping in order to rape his victim when he says his crime was less nasty--the kidnapping was a precursor to murder; the rape was merely an afterthought.

He also complained that Kelly had been too harsh by giving a future parole board complete control over the timing of his release, if ever, from prison.

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Luna: Was it worth it?
A California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered the case and today issued its ruling: Too bad and so what?

In a 13-page opinion written by Justice Richard D. Fybel, the court declared that the state legislature wrote California's "One Strike" law precisely to impose tougher punishment for violent sex criminals like Luna.

Upshot: Luna, now 23, will remained locked inside Calipatria State Prison and serving his 15 years to life punishment.

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Yet another Chris Brown fan.


Was this a Legitimate rape?


Excellent news. Scumbag!


Likely he has already impregnated her or some other chiflada and we'll have his crotch fruit to pay for. sigue la reconquista


Now here is yet another shining example of a modle latino citizen for your gustabo.

BillxT topcommenter

These guys will never get it. That's a major reason for the law. Inefficient as it is, the only deterrant is as certain as possible punishment. Similar to the overly-draconian sexual harrassment rules, a lot of guys have never matured passed the high-school stage and since they're not willing to control thenmselves control has to be imposed.

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