Happy Hands Car Washers Have Too-Thin Wallets, Feds Allege

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Years ago, I chatted up the fellow drying off my ride at an Orange County car wash and, through broken English, was informed he only earned daily tips and if he did not show up to work he need not bother coming back.

At least the Happy Hands Car Wash at 1205 W. 17th St. in Santa Ana is better than that to workers. But the way the Happy Hands owner pays employees still spurred a federal lawsuit.

The U.S. Department of Labor accused Z&H Happy Hands Corp. in Santa Ana federal court recently of repeatedly failing to pay workers for all of the hours they worked. Minimum wage, overtime pay and other damages are being sought for them, according to court documents.

The feds allege Happy Hands cooked the books to show employees worked fewer hours than they actually had. Most worked more than 40 hours a week and earned less than $3.50 an hour despite the $7.25-per-hour federal minimum wage, according to the complaint.

Of course, what the government oh so conveniently leaves out is workers could take all the pine tree-shaped air fresheners they could stuff in their pockets.

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BTW, beside washing your car yourself (shocking I know), there are plenty of community car washes where you can have 17 year old cheer leaders or flag girls wash your car.


The real victim here are American tax payers. These guys no doubt have 2-3 kids in the school system each ($10,000/per a pop), those kids are probably getting 'free' school lunches and even breakfasts. No doubt a lot of these guys 'head' households which are receiving Section 8, WIC, etc on behalf of their American born (or not) children. So their presence here, however 'hard working' they might be, is a huge minus.


They, and the many other illegal immigrant (and legal immigrant) low wage workers are tax suckers -- if you are making $10,000-15,000 a year your measly sales tax contribution is coming nowhere near close to covering the cost to society of your being here. That's a huge part of the reason the state is broke -- it isn't 'Prop 13' or 'the 1%' or even Public Sector Unions (at least not directly, but the reason we need so many teachers and prison guards is in large part due to mass immigration). 

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