[W/CRAPPY SONG] Wade Michael Page, Sikh Temple Mass Murderer, Got His Racist Start in Orange County's White-Power Music Scene

The world is collectively retching at the mass murder at a Milwaukee-area Sikh temple committed by one Wade Michael Page (left, at right), a loser white supremacist. Media is reporting that Page was in the white-power music scene, listing his bands with little thought or research.

But we at the Weekly, of course, are better than the average media outlet, so when we noticed that one of the bands listed is our very own Youngland, a crappy OC white-power group that has had an undue influence on the neo-Nazi scene in the United States, you know we hopped onto our wayback machine to see how Page got on his racist start here in beautiful OC, in the incestuous circle jerk that is OC white-power music.

Page with (I think) Youngland, or maybe Aggressive Force. But he's the loser on the left in the group photo. Screen grab from interview Youngland's drummer did with loser website

Records obtained by the Weekly show that Page moved to Orange in 2001 and joined Youngland. At the time, the band had a habit of playing secret white-power shows at The Shack, an Anaheim concert venue that went out of business after the Weekly exposed their habit of hosting white-power shows. Youngland also was scheduled to play at the La Habra Moose Lodge until--you know it!--the Weekly exposed that little gig.

Members of Youngland at the time included infamous neo-Nazi Martin Cox and Kenn Etiquette, the founder of Radio White, which for years was the most-influential white-power radio station in the world (betcha dollars to cents there are Radio White archives with Etiquette interviewing Page). Through those connections, Page would've had contact with Tom Metzger, one of the godfathers of the modern-day white-power movement, as Metzger was a frequent guest of OC neo-Nazis during the early 2000s.

Page, at left, with Youngland

But Youngland wasn't Page's only OC-based white-power music connection. Aggressive Force was the side project of Youngland's drummer. Blue Eyed Devils, Max Resist, and Intimidation One all played the OC scene. By then, Page was long-gone from OC but always had a home here.

While with Youngland, Page participated in the recording of their album, Winter Wind, which was released in 2003, around the time Page moved from Orange County. "We are still friends with all the guys who pass through Youngland," Etiquette said in an interview earlier this year, "and I learned a lot with each and every one of them." He's listed as the vocalist on the song "Activist or Terrorist," a song that's ostensibly about how the Holocaust is fake but, like most white-power music, makes no sense whatsoever. The song was on YouTube but was deleted--gee, I wonder why? The last lyric is especially chilling given Page's final massacre:

Activist or terrorist depends which side you're on
Defend against the invader this war will greet your son
Hey you gotta go not your home anymore
If you don't move quieley you'll be forced to war

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