Vanessa Bryant Demands Kobe Cough Up Another Ring

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Newport Coast's Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have famously been off-again, on-again, but the Mrs. seems to have revealed the way to keep her happy is to give her more rings.

No, not the kind Black Mamba gave her after playing proctologist in an Eagle, Colorado, hotel room years ago.

Momma wants championship rings . . . every year!

"I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can't win championships," the former Vanessa Laine reportedly told New York Magazine. "If you're sacrificing time away from my family and myself for the benefit of winning championships, then winning a championship should happen every single year."

Can you imagine Kobe coming home from London, dangling his gold medal and saying, "Look what I got you, honey?"

"Can it be worn on a finger?" she shoots back. "Can you loop it into a chain and wear it around your neck?"

"Naw, look sweetie, you can already wear it around your--"

"CUT THE SHIT, KOBE! You know what I want, and if you were a real man you'd get it for me. Now, where did I put LeBron's number . . ."


In related news (?), Ms. V's reps--anyone else long for the days before players' spouses had reps?--are denying reports she got plastic surgery to keep Kobe happy, reports the London Daily Mail.

Her representatives have blasted the allegations as '100 per cent not true' and 'ridiculous'.

During her appearance at the London Olympic Games, the 30-year-old set tongues wagging that she had undergone surgery after pictures of her looking rather different from her former self emerged.

A source told The National Enquirer that Vanessa was starting to feel 'insecure' about her looks and 'would do anything to keep Kobe happy.'

But plenty of sites have reacted by throwing up pictures of Vanessa when she first married the Laker next to ones of her now, suggesting a certain basketball wife is trying desperately to keep up with the Kardashians, and we don't mean that Lurch on Lamar Odom's arm.

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lollipoptheif topcommenter

We all remember the headlines generated by Kobe's adulterous liason in Colorado several years ago. Kobe also received headlines when he demonstrated his commitment to maintain the marriage. Kobe purchased a diamond ring for several million dollars as a gift to his wife which symbolized his apology and renewed devotion.


The ring was a symbol. California is a community property state meaning that Kobe did not increase the assets of his wife with the gift, nor did he decrease his assets with the purchase.


Kobe purchased the ring with his community property earnings, meaning Vanessa paid 50% of the ring's purchase price. And Kobe retains a 50% interest in the asset value of the ring Vanessa carries on her finger.

949girl topcommenter

ok, just saw Vanessa's pic on looks like she's at least had a nose job.  She's looking very much the way Kim Kardashian tranformed herself.


Speaking of the Kardashians, (which I don't like - except for Khloe) at least Khloe seems like a nice wife to Lamar.  From my extensive viewing of Khloe and Lamar on E! she seems to at least be supportive and there for him. 

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @949girl If I could stomach anything on E! besides Chelsea and The Soup, I might know that. Oh, and Joan Rivers every so often.

949girl topcommenter

 @mcoker The Soup and Chelsea are the best things about E! and also Ice Loves Coco...that's a great show too!  I only watch Kardashians when I'm bored and nothing else is on.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @949girl Anyone who can take five minutes of the K family has a far stronger constitution than I.

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