Usain "Lightning" Bolt Weed Hits OC Pot Dispensary Shelves

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Courtesy TMZ
Last week, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won the 100 meter dash at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, thus reaffirming his title as the world's fastest man. Nicknamed "Lightning" for obvious reasons, Bolt is a pot-friendly celebrity for two reasons: he's from Jamaica, and he's actually admitted to smoking pot, even going so far as to say that just about every kid growing up on the island has sampled the local ganja at least once. (He later backed off that statement).

So it's no surprise that Bolt is now being celebrated with his very own brand of marijuana, which of course, is named after him.

According to TMZ, citing unnamed stoner sources, several Orange County dispensaries have Usain Lightning Bolt weed on their shelves. "One pot shop honcho tells us U.B.O.G. got its name because it's so "fast-hitting," TMZ reports, "Get it? Stoner humor..."

No word yet on whether said weed is actually just re-packaged old-school Lightning Bolt weed, which owes its origins to the Orange County-based Brotherhood of Eternal Love from Mexico to Maui, where it was eventually marketed as Maui Wowie.

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Look at the addicts go. Run addict run to spend whatever money you scraped up to make dope growers richer. That's quite a life you've chosen for yourselves: being an addict slave to the growers and distributors. They just couldn't do it without you.

20ftjesus topcommenter

The OCW should do an edibles edition for SAFII.  Let's do a Game of Buds -- I'll help!




 @ageofknowledge  Smoke some you fuckin turbofaggot; who said anything about addiction; go drink yo wisky and sit the fuck down. 



Why do you smoke this shit? So as to escape from reality? Me, I don't need this shit. I am reality. There's the way it ought to be. And there's the way it is.


@ageofknowledge Eph 5:4 Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

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