UC President Says Ban On Affirmative Action Has Had A 'Dramatic Adverse Effect' On Campuses, Argues For Race-Based Admissions

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Before the U.S. Supreme Court hears another case on college affirmative action, this time centering on the University of Texas at Austin, leaders from the University of California want to make it known that banning race-based admissions has not been good for diversity on UC campuses.

UC President Mark Yudof and the system's 10 chancellors have filed a "friend of the court" brief in support of the Texas school, which uses race as a factor in its admissions decisions. The UC folks urge the Supreme Court to uphold that policy, which is being challenged by a white student who was denied acceptance to the university in 2008. 

Yudof said the 1996 passage of Proposition 209, California's affirmative action ban, has had a "dramatic adverse effect" on the university. The brief states that admission and enrollment of underrepresented minority students at a number of UC campuses "still have not regained the levels that prevailed before Proposition 209 was enacted." For instance, in 1995, African Americans made up 7.3% of the freshmen class at UC Berkeley. Last year, that figure dropped to 3.9%, according to the Los Angeles Times

Also, in a state where Latinos make up half the K-12 public school population, they make up just 15 percent of the student population at UC Berkeley.   

Asian American students, however, have thrived in the post-Prop 209 world. The freshman class admitted to UC Berkeley this fall is 30 percent white and 46 percent Asian, according to newly released data. Asians make up 13.6% percent of California's population.  

The brief contends that the race-neutral measures that the UC system has been forced to take has not allowed the university to "assemble a student body that fully reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of the pool of state high school applicants from which those campuses draw."

But former UC Regent Ward Connerly, who led the campaign for Prop 209, disagrees with Yudof's stance, telling CBS San Francisco, "Walk on any UC campus and you'll see students from all around the globe. And it's just disingenuous to say that UC is not diverse. The fact is they don't think they have enough black students."

The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the Texas case on Oct. 10. 

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Ward Connerly is a sell-out Negro who "got his" and then got some more by turning racial hatred into a lucrative business. He is an opportunist who saw profit in refuting arguments for fairness and equality. I made my comments before knowing he was married to a white woman. Since my brother, most of my uncles, and my great-grandfather were/are all married to white woman, that in no way biased me against him. 

You can love white people and love black people too. 


The more non-Californians admitted to University of California the fewer residents can be. Fall admit rate for residents drops to record low 18%. There was a 43 percent jump in the number of affluent foreign and affluent out-of-state students by public University of California Berkeley.


Cal. Chancellor Birgeneau ($450.000), Provost Breslauer ($306,000) shed thousands of eligible instate applicants. Residents are replaced by a $50,600 payment from born abroad affluent foreign and affluent out of state students. And, Birgeneau subsidizes affluent foreign and affluent out of state tuition in the guise of diversity while he doubles (Harvard College now less costly than Cal.) resident tuition.


Birgeneau/Breslauer accept $50,600 tuition to displace California residents (When depreciation of tax funded assets, infrastructure are included (as they should be), out of state and foreign tuition is more than $100,000 and does NOT subsidize resident tuition.


With the influence of Chancellor Birgeneau, Provost George Breslauer deployed excessive force by campus police - rammed baton jabs - on students protesting Chancellor’s doubling of resident tuition. Sack (honorably retire) Provost Breslauer; Birgeneau resigned.


Email a message to Cal. self-serving senior management: UC Board of Regents   marsha.kelman@ucop.edu and Calif. State Senators and Assemblymembers.


20ftjesus topcommenter

Why don't they (UC) simply admit students based upon their merit?


He even supports the Ku Klux Klan! What Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic person can see value in a hate-based organization other than hateful persons?


 @ageofknowledge This is perfect, they should use affirmative action for the enforcement of laws as well.   Certain ethnicities see laws as an inconvenience and therefore should not be held to the same standards as law abiding citizens.


@20ftjesus The issue is that talented minorities chose to attend schools in places that don't discriminate. 


 @20ftjesus "In a state where Latinos make up half the K-12 public school population, they make up just 15 percent of the student population at UC Berkeley."


Based on the knowledge that a good percentage are illegals, that statement holds no merit.


@ernestogoldstein @ageofknowledge Yeah,there is nothing like waking up to see yet another rich white Newport Beach resident get away with murder. Before it was the rich white Newport Beach resident cocaine dealer and the rich white Newport Beach resident crooked cops. I am tired of these ethnicities being allowed to use the law as an inconvenience as well.

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