Tito Ortiz, Retired UFC Hall of Famer, Manages New Career

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Jacob Christopher Ortiz has criticized the Ultimate Fighting Championship for underpaying its talent and UFC president Dana White for wanting to promote himself over fighters.

So what better man is there than the retired UFC Hall of Famer--better known as Tito Ortiz or "The Bad Boy of Huntington Beach"--to look out for the interests of other fighters?

Ortiz, who held the UFC light-heavyweight belt for three years, has partnered with George Prajin, a long time friend and attorney, to form Primetime 360 Entertainment & Sports Management Inc.

Based in Huntington Beach, where Ortiz resides and owns the Punishment gym and mixed martial arts clothing brand, Primetime 360 seeks to not only represent MMA fights but other athletes and entertainers as well.

I'd hate to be Arliss Michaels showing up to sign the same tomato can as Ortiz.

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