Soon Keun Kim, Accused Madame, Among 6 Held for Alleged Prostitution Ring in Irvine

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Irvine Police say they broke up a prostitution ring Wednesday afternoon, and to illustrate the bust the cop shop released booking photos of everyone who was arrested, including suspected madame Soon Keun Kim shown here.

That should read mugs were put out there of everyone busted except the lone male suspect who was cited and released for allegedly soliciting a whore.

The arrests culminated a six-month investigation that included search warrants being served at three Irvine businesses and a Los Angeles residence, according to a statement from Lt. Julia Engen, the Irvine Police spokeswoman.

In February, Irvine detectives received a tip about heavy foot traffic in and out of Dexter Co., which was licensed as a medical supply business. But further investigation revealed it was actually operating as a massage parlor, according to Engen.

Detectives identified Kim, 60, as the madame running the illegal operation at Dexter Co. and of being tied to two additional fronts for prostitution on Skypark Circle in Irvine, Engen stated. She was arrested at the Technology Drive address on suspicion of pimping and pandering and booked into Orange County Jail in lieu of $35,000 bail.

Additional arrestees at the other locations were:

All photos courtesy of Irvine Police Department
Chong Suk Yi, 61, on suspicion of supervising a house of ill repute; she was cited and released;

Mee Hwa Shin, 52, for alleged prostitution; she was cited and released;

In Sook Kim, who turns 48 Sunday (happy birthday!), on suspicion of identity theft; she was booked into Orange County Jail on a $20,000 bond;

Eun Young Park, who just turned 40 (happy birthday!) and is being held without bail for allegedly providing false identification to a peace officer.

The un-pictured male was Stephen Warner Marsden, 53, who was cited for suspected solicitation and released.

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Irvine people are so shady. They drive around in their benzes to hide how ugly they are inside. Not hating, just telling it how I see it.


Without the advertising revenue from these people, where would the weekly's money come from? 


So, in effect, without these people you wouldn't have the money to support your recreational cocaine use, Matt.


The Village Voice are nothing but a bunch of immature, giggling, dickless emo slacker fags with pageboy haircuts. 


Go stick an M8o up your rectum.


...and where's the troll with the "Me love you long time" comment?


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Yet more people in the unemployment line ...


Hey, that's the cast from Asian MILFs 3: In Thru the Backdoor!

20ftjesus topcommenter

Guess the OCW staff aint getting any tonight!



 @RMutt At least these slaves are of legal age.  Dig a little deeper in the VVM Backpage and I'm sure there are kiddies on sale.  Maybe not listed per se but the pimp who answers the text probably has connects.  Dirty business and the OCW and VVM are entirely cognizant and complicit


 @20ftjesus The real hit will be to VVM's ad revenue. This sort of thing keeps up, Klavito will be washing cars.

949girl topcommenter

 @mcoker  That was so nice of you to wish them a happy birthday! LOL


 @PalmalaHanderson LOL at your "not unrealistic." 


But I mean c'mon, I guess once they are arrested they are already guilty these days.


Remember the big stink 2 years ago about the physics professor arrested for alleged pimping?  The DA didn't file charges. 


But the damage is already done with such a public arrest.


 @mcoker Dear Mr Cocaine,  my name is Randolph Shicklegruber of Shicklegruber, Kohn, & Kuhn.  I am the attorney for Amway.


My client is NOT amused . . . .



 Ernie! What a hateful homophobic statement. SHAME ON YOU.


It's just that the groupies for alt-weekly scribes are.. ahem..,fugly, generally speaking. Gay OR straight.

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