Sacramento Kings' Move to Anaheim Still Royally On?

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Reports of the NBA's Kings' death in Sacramento--and rebirth in Virginia Beach--have been greatly exaggerated.

But amid the Virginia news item that put the rumor in play--and the swift media and blogosphere labeling of the report as bullshit--there is a lonely item sustaining the pulse for a Kings move to Anaheim.

The report by Inside Business of Virginia--that the Kings will announce the Virginia Beach move next Wednesday, that Comcast will build the arena, that Live Nation is on board--is being knocked down because Virginia Beach has never before been mentioned as a possible destination for an NBA team, the league has not received a required relocation application from the Kings owners, the team's PR peeps are as puzzled publicly as anyone, and pro basketball hasn't exactly had much luck building sustaining fan bases in small markets lately (see Memphis, Charlotte, New Orleans . . .)

Anaheim, of course, has a huge market to draw from, despite the Lakers and Clippers being just an extremely maddening bumper-to-bumper drive away.

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But NBA commissioner David Stern has routinely crapped on the idea of the Kings leaving Sacramento like a cow in a Central Valley slaughterhouse. If the Kings can't come to Anaheim, why would it be OK with the commish for them to hit Virginia Beach.

At this point, I've written off the idea of the Kings moving into the Honda Center as merely a threat the Maloofs pull out when negotiations to stay in Sacramento get bogged down, despite Mayor Kevin Johnson's weak-sauce defense that the city will just land a different NBA team should the Kings skedaddle.

If a Kings-to-Anaheim move is just a negotiating ploy, the Maloofs are still dotting the t's and crossing the i's to legitimize it, however.

Remember the early days of the movement madness, when it was disclosed the Maloof family had trademarked the names "The Anaheim Royals" and "The Los Angeles Royals?" That was after the Maloofs let it be known that they could not continue playing in what was then known as Arco Arena and, with Sacramentans having routinely voted down public financing of a new facility, they would just have to move . . . SoCal?

The idea was the team name from the Sacramento franchise's roots--Rochester Royals, Cincinnati Royals, Kansas City Royals--would be resurrected because there already is a Los Angeles Kings pro hockey franchise (which is an up-and-comer, am told). Even an Anaheim Kings so close in miles (but not with freeway traffic) would create market confusion.

Well, as "exclusively" reports, the Maloofs have filed an update with the U.S. Trademark Office for the aforementioned geographical combinations of the Royals team name as well as "The Orange County Royals" and "The Anaheim Royals of Southern California." (In yer face, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim!)
By the way, these filings are not made by the Maloofs directly but Cricket Corp. of Nevada and attorney Scott Hervey, who works for the Palms Resort and Casino that is of course owned by you-know-who.

Call it sneaky meets sneakers.

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Virginia Beach would be a terrible place for the Kings/Royals/Maloofs to relocate to. Virginia Beach is a WAY smaller market than Sacramento and would never get the crowd or TV deal that Sac Town can get.


A good location for the Kings: Chicago. It's the third biggest market in the United States and the Bulls dominate.


There is NO chance of the Kings moving to anaheim, the cost to pay off the Lakers and Clippers for lost TV market share is more than the value of the Kings franchise. It would be cheaper for the Lakers to buy the Kings and block the relocation than to allow it to enter into its market. The commissioner has stated that the board WILL NOT approve a move to SoCal. Ive heard alot of rumor about the Kings moving but onle ONE of those rumors has been addressed by the NBA and officially shot down, the SoCal idea lol. Find another team this isnt working out, you guys are just looking really desperate now...almost as desperate as the MaGoofs.

oceannlionn 1 Like

there are a couple of problems with this article, "you know who owns the Palms" is no longer accurate, the Maloof family lost the casino to creditors several months ago, and were allowed to keep only 2% of the current underwater shares. They have been reduced to small businesses, such as cake flavored vodka (one brand) i phone cases for young girls, and shoes for any chick drunk enough to buy them. Their hand is being forced and I believe they will lose the Kings in this poker match of wits. I think the Maloofs are less than honest/bigger bluffers than the mayor of Virginia Beach and Comcast, just my opinion.



Saying the Maloofs own the Palms is like saying Joe Benvenuti owns the Kings. *he is a minority shareholder like the Maloofs at the Palms*

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