[UPDATED with Arraignment Plea:] Rainer Klaus Reinscheid, UCI Professor, Held for Threats and Arsons

See Update No. 6 at the end of this post on Rainer Klaus Reinscheid's plea at arraignment.

Also see Update Nos. 1-5 on: the professor's emailed desire to "shoot at least 200 students before killing myself"; the defense's excuse for his emails; allegations Reinscheid has a violent past; new domestic violence allegations and Facebook support for him; and damning new evidence.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 1, 11:51 A.M.: Students at University High School in Irvine say the son of UCI professor and arson suspect Rainer Klaus Reinscheid committed suicide because he was bullied, countering the presumed motive that the 14-year-old was distraught over being disciplined by an assistant principal.

The students played the B-card for KTLA/Channel 5 news reporter Jennifer Gould.

Bully isn't just a movie.
The students conceded they were countering the claims of Uni High officials, who they said sent out a message after the suicide of Reinscheid's son Claas Reinscheid Stubbe to denying on-campus rumors that bullying had played a part in the 14-year-old's death, according to a KTLA report broadcast this morning.

The Irvine Police Department, which is investigating both the suicide and the arson cases, has also stated there was no evidence of bullying.

But the claims first appeared publicly in the comments section of the Orange County Register's March report on the 14-year-old's suicide.

A portion of those comments follows:

Among the Uni High students who appear in the KTLA video below are Will Howard and Daniel Aliee, who described Reinscheid's son as often appearing sullen in the back row of classes due to the verbal abuse he endured. "He was just one of those kids who was always depressed," Aliee said.

Here is the KTLA video:

The elder Reinscheid, 48, was charged Tuesday with two felony counts of arson of another's property, two felony counts of arson of a structure, one felony count of arson of an inhabited residence, one felony count of attempted arson, and one misdemeanor count of resisting or obstructing an officer.

But, at the behest of Deputy District Attorney Andrew Katz, Orange County Superior Court Judge Craig Griffin denied bail for Reinscheid due to emails he sent to himself and his wife that allegedly threatened sexual assaults and murders against Uni High students and administrators, to be followed by the father taking his own life.

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I think if you are going to indict this professor, it is only fair to indict all those who had bullied  his son which led to suicide.

We are talking about a suicide and a trauma-inflicted crime here. The professor is not in his right mind, but he’s not a criminal. Don’t put him in the same class as the other true criminals. It is disgusting to see pictures of the professor inside a cage during court hearings. (I have never seen the pictures of murderers caged during a court hearing.) It is equally disgusting to see how the police have demonized this professor by stressing on private violent emails so that they can obtain the most severe sentence in the name of justice; and the media re-demonizing him by repeating messages provided by law enforcement. Rather than achieving Justice, by the hands of its enforcers, the law has made any human ugly, which is hardly what Law is intended. It is unfair that the public can only hear the voice of the prosecution from the media, whereas the voice for the defendant is not reported.

Maybe you will take a moment to read the many research articles Reinscheid has conducted to understand this person better. I hope his former students and colleagues will come forward as to what kind of professor and man he is. His act is a reaction to an injustice – Had the police who initially investigated his son’s case be more vigilant, this sad event would never happen; had the vice principal be more kind and understanding in disciplining that particular student, this may not happen. What kind of society/community are we in that drive people up the wall? What went wrong there? Do we want the vicious cycle to go on and on? With the great loss the proefessor has incurred, it is only right to consider the bullying, the suicide, and the crime all togethert in order to reach a fair verdict, lacking one of these, Law becomes Injustice (so, we are thinking of two injustices here.)  Best yet, to correct one wrong that led to another wrong, the community gives professor a second chance so that he can gather himself back and return as a contributing member again; and this will require the genius of a fair judge, I wonder if we’ll see one?


totaly agree with Freddy. The man lost his son because the school wrongfull ponishiment. No one knows what insult his poor kid got from school board. Teh school destroyed the family. It is all because of a small pieces object from school. If I were the father I will go crazy. The high school is liable for all. The professor is a normal human. I will support someone to sue the school and school district.


If Rainer Reinscheid wants to sue the school for the loss of his child, (or anyone else for that matter)  I hope  his lawyer has filed the necessary Government Claim against the school There is only 6 months from the date of death of Reinscheid’s child to FILE THE CLAIM with the Irvine University High School.  If he does not file a government claim he will NOT be able to sue the school!


The California Tort Claims Act sets out strict timelines that must be followed when filing a claim against a governmental entity, like Irvine University High School Reinscheid must file a claim for personal injury (that is, one based on death, physical injury, or damage to personal property) within six months of the date of the injury. Gov't Code section 911.2. 



16th Aug 2012


This is very sad, truly Orwellian, what with bars n' all!  Rainer Reinscheid has plead “Not Guilty” to destroying property and starting fires,


The California Court and prosecution is NOT INTERESTED in knowing or a presenting the entire story.   And most of the California media is making it look as is it is all Reinscheid’s fault.


But it is not all Reinscheid’s fault – at all.  


Because this story began when Reinscheid’s son took an item of property at the California Irvine University high school which was not his.   Punishment was given to the son by the school, but the father Reinscheid and boy's family was not informed.  I believe that was a big mistake on the school's part - not inform the parents -  For all concerned! Because  what happened was – that the punishment was so great to a boy that was in isolation in taking his punishment - that the boy committed suicide – 


Then after the boy's suicide - because Rainer Reinscheid was NOT INFORMED either about his son’s minor wrong-doing, or the punishment – this surprised, shocked and infuriated the boy’s father, Rainer Reinscheid, even more. 


Don’t you think you would be really pissed off if the school punished your kid without your knowledge and then the kid committed suicide by hanging themselves from a tree?  


THE IRVINE HIGHT SCHOOL TOOK  ALL THE CONTROL AWAY FROM THE FATHER, REINSCHEID– UNDER THE EXCUSE OF BEING KIND TO THE BOY.  If no-one in the family knew of the son’s punishment, if there was no gentle word or support from the school, or from the family, by taking the family out of the equation - this put the fragile boy at risk!  That is some punishment – to be SO ISOLATED that you are going to die over a small piece of property!  


it is far more than an eye for an eye, and the school bear some responsible for the kid’s suicide by administering punishment and not informing his father, No wonder the father is furiousl. He has good reason!  


While the facts of the fires - are unclear - denying bail for the public safety is sensible.  However the Court and prosecution does not necessarily care about the truth. The courts chop up entire scenarios into pieces and refuse to look at the totality of circumstances.  This can quite easily make an innocent person seem guilty!


Most people have not lost a son who was in a school’s care.  And if they cared enough, or if they felt slighted because they were never informed about the son’s wrongdoing and the ensuing punishment which led to the kid's demise -  - they may also act like Rainer Reinscheid, if they are not totally docile, and allow schools to have total control  and final word over their kids! 


As it stands Reinscheid’s fires and dark thoughts did not result in any massacre –Like the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”  


With a little understanding of what has IN FACT happened, that the school is culpable in that they took away the father’s  legitimate jurisdiction over his son by not informing him of the punishment, and with some kindness and support from his friends, family and the authorities, that Rainer Reinscheid will not be a danger to others in the future, or to himself and with time should heal.  


Also the moral of this story, that Rainer Reinscheid had brought to light - is that a school must inform the guardians if a kid is to be punished at school.  A KID SHOULD NOT TAKE PUNISHMENT IN ISOLATION. DIGNITY SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AWAY.  There should also be a few words of encouragement and kindness from both the school and guardians.  


MCoker said  “Given everything the most recent commenters are saying about Reinscheid, there are still victims of multiple crimes who deserve justice.”


This statement is a diversion away from Rainer Reinscheid – Rainer Reinscheid is NOT James Holmes the Joker who with no motive whatsoever IN FACT carried out his massacre of innocent humans.


MCoker said “No matter how justified one's grief, one is not free to destroy property.”  


MCoker has not considered the whole scenario, that is the totality of the circumstances.


When Reinscheid’s son took property at the California Irvine University High School, I believe Reinscheid was not immediately consulted.


And the punishment was so great - that it was enough to destroy the boy’s life, which of course - sent shock waves out to the father, Reinscheid.  


That is some punishment for a small piece of property!  It is far more than an eye for an eye!  


I do agree with you that denying bail for the public safety was prudent.  I don’t agree that a court will necessarily care about finding out the truth of the matter,  they also will chop up the entire scenario into pieces and not look at the whole picture.


People in the media and the public should not necessarily trust what courts decide.  There is a lot of politics and favors to government parties involved.


Most people have not lost a son who was in a school’s care.  And if they cared enough, or if they felt slighted  -  they may act like Reinscheid, if they are not docile.


As it stands and four months after the fact Reinscheid’s fires and dark thoughts did not result in any massacre –like the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”


We must not confuse a grieving father Rainer Reinscheid who was looking for some release for his loss and his pain with James Holmes, who committed a massacre with no motive whatsoever. 


MatthewTCoker topcommenter

Given everything the most recent commenters are saying about Reinscheid, there are still victims of multiple crimes who deserve justice. No matter how justified one's grief, one is not free to destroy property.


I think the larger problem here is we, as a society, are loathe to get into the minds of those who commit mass killings. To do so, those who would like to do so are told, they are seeking to "justify" heinous acts. I think we can investigate the minds of the actors AND condemn the acts, but what do I know?


As it stands, the court will ultimately decide whether these were the innocent rantings of a grieving father or an action plan to murder hundreds of people. To me, given the evidence fed to us, denying bail for now is prudent. If someone in similar circumstances was set free and he went out and moved down people--as he wrote he would--the public outcry would be deafening, despite a father's sincere grief.



Currently Reinscheid is on the rack, being crucified by the press for his reaction to his son’s suicide.


Rainer’s reaction encompassed starting fires, plus dark thoughts not yet acted upon, & which may not ever have been acted upon… 


What is certain is that Rainer Reinscheid would not have started any fires whatsoever, but for his child, having committed suicide while in Irvine University High School care. 


So while this excuse may not justify Rainer’s fires, or get Rainer off the hook– it certainly does show a causal connection – because without Reinscheid’s son committing suicide– no fires or dark thoughts would have occurred! 


What we do know about Reinscheid is that he did not take his son’s suicide lightly, but he didn’t have to, nor did Rainer have an instantly forgiving nature towards those to whom he perceived to have caused his son’s death.  


Dylan Thomas wrote “Do not go gentle into that good night…Rage, rage against the dying of the light” It seems that Rainer Reinscheid did rage against the dying of the light for his son!  He did not want his son to go gently into that good night.


It is true that Rainer’s could not contain his grief, nor the perceived injustice in his son’s passing, but he needed his poison to be released and channeled through some kind of external expression…


To conclude - is Rainer Reinscheid a scapegoat – who is being re-victimized to cover up for the sins of others at the Irvine University High School?   His son’s suicide did occur whilst the son was in the school’s care apparently and it does seem that there is some evidence that the school did not handle Reinscheid’s son’s death with sensitivity as the  school apparently first informed the son’s stepsister with no family members present, & prior to the school informing Rainer Reinscheid of his son’s death by suicide.


Read more:




How many kids in American schools, jails or military- commit suicide after being possibly tortured and punished?


How many relations, after the fact, voice their concerns publicly against the institution involved?


Possibly not many - otherwise insensitivity and bullying would not continue.


Rainer Reinscheid, by setting fires, has voiced his concerns against the Irvine High School’s handling of his son, openly- albeit in a highly unorthodox manner.


To be fair to the father, Rainer Reinscheid, (and despite he has acted badly and has had dark thoughts) we must ask: Does the school bear any responsibility for Reinscheid’s son’s suicide?


Is there any real justification for Rainer Reinscheid’s rage?




IF Rainer had any justification to be angry with the school, even though not justified to light fires,


his action in lighting FIRES,

(where he has not killed anyone)


has brought notorious attention to himself,


but also through his deranged action in lighting fires -


he also serves to HIGHLIGHT ALL THOSE MISTREATED & BULLIED in institutions,  i.e. those who committed suicide quietly without fan fair , & who never had a voice.


Let us not misinterpret Reinscheid's signal - if in fact he was justified...


Circle of Red


Who is to blame for the kid's suicide? Irvine University High School? Rainer Reinscheid? the mother? Or the young kid himself?


Rainer Reinscheid accused the high school of being responsible ,and he lit some fires, and now the school and authorities are accusing Reinscheid...


So the real question is - is Irvine University High School's responsible for torturing the fragile kid by humiliating, isolating and taking away his dignity, when the kid was only guilty of a minor wrongdoing.


If the kid had been treated fairly – punished but given a little kindness & with his dignity still in tact - then the kid may not have gone out of his way to do damage against himself by hanging himself from a tree.


If this is not the scenario - then the only other - is that the kid was already suicidal and it was only a matter of time. In that case - the blame would more likely fall on the father and mother and/or the kid himself - not the high school.


Reinscheid obviously blamed the Irvine University High School whether rightly or wrongly, and acted in a deranged manner but he did not carry through on ALL of his dark thoughts -


but by only focusing on blackening Reinscheid's name this focus takes away from the question -


Is the Irvine University High School culpable of pushing a fragile kid, over the edge, & in so doing - also the father-who really was not well equipped to deal with his son's suicide?


Circle of Red


Here is the problem with these stories. There is a huge increase in OC Police corruption across the board so to immediately believe what Police Report or suspect is in fact Suspect itself. With all the Police Corruption I no longer jump in with both feet and just believe what they report or suspect of someone. Those days are long gone


she FORGOT her daughter to go to class ?


Christopher Tinnes
Christopher Tinnes

Seriously Dennis? Maybe you should crawl out of your underground cave & smell what's actually brewing in society these days. So sorry that a harsh true reality offended your delicate flower petal of a microcosm perfect world.

Armando Jr Solis
Armando Jr Solis

what has society come to? should we blame prescription drugs, the media shaping our society with their subliminal messages, or the parents for raising a sick bastard like this..and just like him there're probably hundreds more lurking under the radar going un-noticed =\

Catherine Mims Yamaguchi
Catherine Mims Yamaguchi

I can understand the parents were grieving over the suicide of their son. But they are intelligent people and could have gone to counseling.

Peyton Farquhar
Peyton Farquhar

This story just keeps getting better and better. Reinscheid certainly knew his academic subject matter quite well all things considered. The man is certifiable. I'd like to know which anti-anxiety/anti-depression drugs he is taking since in almost all cases like this one, it's the prescription happy pills that cause ppl to go batshit insane.

Don Gotti
Don Gotti

That's not how you make babies!!!

Mary Guitrau-Sanford
Mary Guitrau-Sanford

what are we gunna do with this asshole?? 3 hots & a cot? AND I pay for it too?? I call bullshit!


This story just keeps getting better and better. Reinscheid certainly knew his academic subject matter quite well all things considered. I'd like to know what kind of anti-anxiety/depression prescription drugs he was taking


I mean you got the son's last name wrong. The son and his father have different last names.


 @achan25074 The school excluded the father Reinscheid- in the school's discipline of his son apparently.   This was a terrible mistake  It is the same as kidnapping Reinscheid's child, by excluding the father.


Punishment can cause emotional chaos to a child who may have already been living in isolation- and the parents should have been informed of his punishment and participating. 


Even if the father would have been very angry with his son, he would not have killed his son, nor would his son have killed himself.  


The school did not know the child would take his own life. But the school knows now!!!  Their act to not inform the parents of the punishment which resulted in the kids suicide - tortured the father and family  & is gross negligence. 


As far as California Judges, they are not very bright. They are only humans, certainly not geniuses. They have their own interests at heart, and usually side with Institutions.  


There is still a threat to the public since Reinshied has allegedly started some fires - the Judge needs to know that Reinscheid  is no longer a threat to anyone.  I hope this can happen, and that California will give the father a chance, the one he was not given when it came to his son!!!!

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @provoriver That's why we report what "allegedly" happened and who is "accused" of the crime(s).


 @Buddy  @achan25074 I hope he has the best lawyer to defend him and to fight fiercely against all charges against him, DON'T take any plea bargain. He can't appeal once he has accepted the plea!  If he accepts the plea, in essence he admits that he is guilt of what he did - that will stay with him for life. He does not deserve a label, he suffered enough. Easy lawyers who side/cooperate  with prosecution usually recommend his clients to take the plea. I hope his lawyer doesn't do such a cruel thing to him, think everything in the best of his interest. What comes around goes around, evil begets evil. We want a peaceful community, we want restorative justice, not punitive justice. We want to build, not to destroy. It is obvious that he is suffering from mental dysfunction due to extraordinary traumatic event that is beyond a human grasp. Send him to therapy not to jail.  A federal judge sentenced an offender to write a book, read this:http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/ex-pharmaceutical_execs_new_book_is_available_on_pacer_he_was_sentenced_to_/ 


 @mcoker Not really!  To know know know it - 

is to have experienced the oppression - first foot!

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