[UPDATED with Arraignment Plea:] Rainer Klaus Reinscheid, UCI Professor, Held for Threats and Arsons

See Update No. 6 at the end of this post on Rainer Klaus Reinscheid's plea at arraignment.

Also see Update Nos. 1-5 on: the professor's emailed desire to "shoot at least 200 students before killing myself"; the defense's excuse for his emails; allegations Reinscheid has a violent past; new domestic violence allegations and Facebook support for him; and damning new evidence.

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 1, 11:51 A.M.: Students at University High School in Irvine say the son of UCI professor and arson suspect Rainer Klaus Reinscheid committed suicide because he was bullied, countering the presumed motive that the 14-year-old was distraught over being disciplined by an assistant principal.

The students played the B-card for KTLA/Channel 5 news reporter Jennifer Gould.

Bully isn't just a movie.
The students conceded they were countering the claims of Uni High officials, who they said sent out a message after the suicide of Reinscheid's son Claas Reinscheid Stubbe to denying on-campus rumors that bullying had played a part in the 14-year-old's death, according to a KTLA report broadcast this morning.

The Irvine Police Department, which is investigating both the suicide and the arson cases, has also stated there was no evidence of bullying.

But the claims first appeared publicly in the comments section of the Orange County Register's March report on the 14-year-old's suicide.

A portion of those comments follows:

Among the Uni High students who appear in the KTLA video below are Will Howard and Daniel Aliee, who described Reinscheid's son as often appearing sullen in the back row of classes due to the verbal abuse he endured. "He was just one of those kids who was always depressed," Aliee said.

Here is the KTLA video:

The elder Reinscheid, 48, was charged Tuesday with two felony counts of arson of another's property, two felony counts of arson of a structure, one felony count of arson of an inhabited residence, one felony count of attempted arson, and one misdemeanor count of resisting or obstructing an officer.

But, at the behest of Deputy District Attorney Andrew Katz, Orange County Superior Court Judge Craig Griffin denied bail for Reinscheid due to emails he sent to himself and his wife that allegedly threatened sexual assaults and murders against Uni High students and administrators, to be followed by the father taking his own life.

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