That May Not Be San Clemente Rain You're Singing In

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Welcome relief from this hot weather comes when the humidity causes the storm clouds to form and a light mist or rain falls.

That may be what folks thought was falling while passing under the balconies of residences in the 2600 block of El Camino Real in San Clemente early Monday.

Perhaps the faint odor of asparagus tipped them off that was no sprinkle.

More like tinkle.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department, which runs police services in San Clemente, got a call at 1:10 a.m. Monday to return to the residence a second time.

A loud party was continuing to rage.

And rain.

Seems some of the frat house escapees were pissing off the balcony.


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RocketJ topcommenter

I want it noted i specifically wrote "not that I'm advocating".


Fun fact not everyone produces the compound that make urine smell funny after eating asparagus and not everyone can smell the compound even if they produce it.


If you sprinkle

When you tinkle

Please be neat

And wipe the seat.


If you miss

When you piss

Be a man

Wipe the can.

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