Orange County Well-Represented in The Advocate's List of 45 Worst Homophobes in Past 45 Years

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You knew he'd be here, right?
Orange County is a haven of haters, from Armenian genocide deniers to Mexican-bashers, Holocaust deniers to the cesspool that is the OC GOP. But we've probably made our most memorable national mark in homo-hating--between the millions of our pal Howard F. Ahmanson, Jr. toward Proposition H8, Bob Dornan, and so many more, we're the queens!

So it's nice to see our homo-hating affirmed this morning by The Advocate, who just published "The 45 Biggest Homophobes of Our 45 Years"--and three of our pendejos made the cut!

Two of the inclusions weren't particularly surprising--former Fullerton state senator John Briggs and Exodus International (which is no longer in OC but got its start in Anaheim), but kudos to the Advocate for pulling out former Fullerton Congressman Bill Dannemeyer, of which the magazine wrote "had a mouth that put him in the pages of The Advocate with a regularity reserved for only the biggest homophobes." Even I learned something new: Dannemeyer "signed that pledge from the American Coalition for Traditional Values promising never to take campaign donations from gay people."

Well, looks like Dannemeyer is going to have to return most of the millions that came from the Lincoln Club...wait, is this mic on?

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Hi Et! Nice to see ya at Anaheim City Council! Thank you for the generous public comments! Your nose is blinking! Say hi to all your gangbanger buddies! If a police officer is shot at again by one of your gangbangers you might want to hide up an elephants ass! James Robert Reade



I don't appreciate you masquerading  as a Clown. Especially in that  same old Salvation Army Clown suit with those payless shoes with no socks.

First you sued the Anaheim PD for the beating they gave you and then you get some cash and jump sides. I heard that after they beat you up they then tied you up and forced terrible sick acts upon you. Is it true and are you know  in a gay relatiionship with your perp.


Your new Daddy 

The Clownsta


Hi Gustavo! I like being hated! It builds character. You know what I hate? I hate the fact that more people don't hate me! But when when we are finished evicting every gangbanger in Anaheim then I will be hated even more than I am now! James Robert Reade



To say a person is Anti Gay because they are Pro Traditional Values is a fallacy...


If you disagree then look up every one of the 118 Democratic Congresman, 31, Democratic Senators who voted in favor of DOMA and the 1 democratic President who signed it into law and  be sure to hurl the same insults at them that you do to Republicans.


And wouldnt you know it... Joe Biden voted in favor of DOMA... Harry Reid voted in favor of DOMA... The Vice president and the Senate Majority leader... And Barry Obama supported traditional marriage until someone got in his ear a couple months ago and told him it would get him some votes.... Yet none of them are called no nothings, or bigots, or homo haters or pendejos. nooooooooooo but you still vote for them. Double standard much?   



 If anything I'm defending the rights of people to say they are in favor of traditional marriage and not have to be cast as anti gay bigots... 

The same as someone has the right to say they are in favor of gay marriage and not be accused of being an anti christian bigot.


ALSO, pointing out that the leaders of the party of diversity and tolerance hold the same views on the topic as the right wingers that are lambasted in the media for being bigots. Yet they get a pass.

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @ageofknowledge Cool—in addition to hating Mexicans and Muslims, you're a homo-hater, too! And the idiocy don't stop!

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