Octomom Nadya Suleman Banned by Celebrity Boxing; Celebrity Jousting Now on Speed Dial

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Professional boxers who have been banned include the famous and unknown: Muhammad Ali, Luis Resto, Paul Griffin, Dong-Kih Choc, Nadya Suleman.

Yep, you read that right, La Habra's Octomom has been banned "from any future Celebrity Boxing matches," informs CEO Damon Feldman in an email.

Feldman: books fights, booked
What could the single, unemployed, imbalanced, pathologically lying, spotlight whoring, grifter of an in-vitroed mother of 14 done to get under the skin of the promoter who was previously prosecuted in Philadelphia for fixing Celebrity Boxing Federation fights, when he should have got hard time for presenting as "celebrities" the likes of Jon Gosselin's ex Hailey Glassman (who?), Jenny Jen from the Rad Girls (what?) and "Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher (why?).

One reason Natalie is no longer fit to be included in that . . . ahem . . . lofty lineup is she purposely broke a female opponent's finger in a pillow fight!

And never said she was sorry!!!

Let's let CEO Feldman explain it all to you (errors kept intact):


I am the owner of Celebrity Boxing http://www.celebboxing.com/ and we have to let the public know to clear our name as  we have Banned Nadya The Octomom Suleman from any future Celebrity Boxing matches due to 1. her breaking a local female
DJ Shilas hand in a pillow fight with no Explanation or apology  2. For agreeing then pulling out of a match in Tampa Florida in which we where owed money from her manager to to be repayed for prior appearance. Nadya is hurting our reputation and feel it is best we move on and go our separate directions, we have been losing deals because of she has been associated with us for the last 2 years, we have lost sponsors and charities are hesitant to work with us.

I do wish her the Best but she is Banned from everything to do with Celebrity Boxing and that means attending as well.  We have helped and promoted The Octomom's matches on several occasions and have helped her  make well over 6 Figures in Celebrity Boxing  events we have had her in! It has come down to the Banning as we cannot afford to pay MS Suleman as we do wish her the best with all future endeavors. We do hope she helps her kids!

Damon Feldman
CEO Celebrity Boxing Federation!

Six figures? I'd find it astonishing if the total take from every Celebrity Boxing match ever held was six figures. Given the reputation of the "sport" (huh?) without Suleman, having her reputation hurt Celebrity Boxing is really saying something.

Ah, well, until Celebrity Jousting has an opening, we'll always have out memories . . .

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Damon Feldman's writing skills qualify him for a position on the Weekly staff.


Maybe someone should ban her from harming her children. She uses the 8 little ones as an ATM, while the older 6 are denied nothing except the ability to have a stable Mother. Her Parents are really to blame. They have enabled her from day 1. They are still doing it. Yet Octotrash abuses her Mother Too. She was seen last week screaming at her Mother in Disneyland. And speaking of Disneyland, how does a woman in foreclosure take 6 kids to Disneyland & Knott's Farm in 1 week ? Notice the 8 little ones were not included. They can pay for the outing, but don't get to go. She probably left them locked in that pig sty she lives in. And just to keep everyone updated on her latest behavior, 2 nights ago, a Twitter user said she was in Rite-Aid, buying milk & VODKA with FOOD STAMPS. The tweeter also said she was "SHIT-FACED" . THE Tweeter's words not mine. Orange County this woman is sucking you dry. CPS is allowing her to use the system and abuse 8 little kids that are helpless. CPS needs to be investigated.


Just wondering why she is begging and who paid the 6 figures plus. Where is the money?? Anyhow GREAT blog Mr. Coker :) Tons more accurate and informing than anything else I read. Thank You


Hey Matt-is it odd that TMZ isn't touching this one? Is that because TMZ usually waits for Octo's manager to feed them exclusive leaks? (Coincidentally Gina's son works for them.) I thought her philosophy was even bad publicity is good. Maybe she was just too busy to schedule a story with the holiday and all. It would be nice if rest of the media world didn't wait for TMZ to break the stuff so they can regurgitate it, huh? Thanks for posting it. Do you know any other sources who might mention it also?



Maybe she could hook up with Michael Vick , and fight in some of his dog fights.


That is hilarious. It's pretty bad when you can sully the reputation of other low lifes. Matt, once again you hit it out of the park.

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @barbwire Not sure, but I see that a Philly sports site had it before I did.


@mcoker @kerry214 You can get a cash advance on your food stamps and turn around to buy liquor. Disgusting, no?

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