Matthew Castaneda, a.k.a Wrestler Chippy Sanchez, Gets 15 Years to Life for Sex with Girl

Pro wrestler Matthew Castaneda met an opponent he could not defeat in May, when a jury convicted the Anaheim 35-year-old of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl he met on MySpace.

Known in the ring as "Chippy Sanchez," he'll next be grappling at a state prison, where a judge sent him today for 15 years to life.

Once Castaneda gets out, he'll have to inform his neighbors and police jurisdictions for a lifetime that he is a registered sex offender, which also keeps him out of Orange County parks and recreational areas covered by Child Safety Zones forbidding predators.

Matthew Castaneda, Who Wrestled as "Chippy Sanchez," Guilty of Sex Assault on 12 y.o. Girl

It was not a park but South Coast Plaza where Castaneda met the then-12-year-old from Santa Ana in person on Feb. 17, 2010, although they had been communicating online since the year before. They got on a bus bound for Anaheim and visited two parks before the grappler took her to Zaby's Motor Lodge at Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue.

Castaneda sexually assaulted the girl and tried by force to get her to blow him in one of the Anaheim motel's rooms. He later left the room for about an hour, which allowed the girl to burst outside and flag down a uniformed Anaheim Police Civilian Traffic Controller near Harbor and Katella that evening. She said she just wanted to go home.

By then, the girl had been reported missing. After Anaheim Police turned her over to Santa Ana cops, she revealed what had happened in the motel room. The case was turned back over to the Anaheim agency, which had no trouble tracking down the attacker thanks to his online presence, unique appearance and specific-to-him tattoos. Castaneda was arrested at his warehouse job in Costa Mesa.

Matthew Castaneda, Held in 12-Year-Old Girl's Sexual Assault, May Be MySpace Predator

The case so alarmed Santa Ana that Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana) mentioned it as he co-sponsored legislation that would prevent sexual predators from joining social media networks in California.

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Whats up with these old grown ass "Men" or sick males going for minors Hello 18 and below is not the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear they disgust me..


"blow him" is that the new technical term?


If he is that tough they will probably have to use two bone crushers and two torpedos.


ET Snell

Clown Community Activisy

Michael Walsh
Michael Walsh

Pedos always are separated from general population so...yeah. He should not get much recreation time thought

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