Paula Zahn to Cover the Case of Missing Fullerton College Student

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Those with premium cable packages will want to tune in to Investigation Discovery at 10 p.m. on Sunday. That's when crime magazine On the Case with Paula Zahn will air its coverage of the Lynsie Ekelund story. Ekelund was a Fullerton College student with a promising future who seemingly vanished into thin air from her quiet Placentia neighborhood back in 2001. Though police took a close look at multiple suspects, their attention never wandered far from Chris McAmis, a friend of Ekelund who claimed to have dropped her off early one morning after a night out with friends. 

Courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff's Department
McAmis's mugshot after his 2010 arrest.

It would be close to ten years before investigators located Ekelund's remains buried in a Santa Clarita canyon where McAmis operated a tractor for his father's construction company.  As a Fullerton College student studying journalism in 2009 I interviewed the man who confessed in 2010 to strangling Ekelund in his Whittier apartment, then burying her on his lunch break. In the years before his arrest, McAmis lived the good life in a Fullerton neighborhood with his wife and family, spending his days playing Xbox and operating a gaming website. He's currently housed in Wasco State Prison on a 15 to life sentence.

Following his arrest, I continued to cover the story for the Weekly and was interviewed for the forthcoming episode of the Paula Zahn show. Whether any of my segment makes it to air is uncertain, and largely irrelevant. Crime buffs will want to watch how Placentia Detective Bryce Angel and Larry Montgomery, a clever cold case investigator with the Orange County District Attorney's Office, masterfully cracked a case that had come to a stalemate between cops and a cold blooded murderer.

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