Lauri Burns, Former Prostitute Who Turned Her Life and Those of Street Girls Around, Cheered

In her early 20s, Lauri Burns used to work Orange County's mean streets as a prostitute.

That was in the 1980s, and as of today Burns has not only totally turned her life around but those of 30 young females she has taken off the streets as a foster mom and countless others through her Teen Project shelters.

The Mission Viejo woman's do-gooding is recognized in this month's People magazine, which begins it's profile with then-23-year-old Burns shooting up alone and ready to die in a Santa Ana motel room.

She had grown up in a physically abusive home on New York's Long Island, shoplifted and taken drugs by the time she hit her teens, spent some time in a mental institution, gotten pregnant at 19 and left her baby daughter Summer with friends for weeks at a time.

Catching a glimpse of herself in a mirror that Santa Ana night in '86--"My hair was all over. I had blood dripping down my arms. It was the most horrible feeling."--and a near-fatal beating she took at the hands of her john months earlier, were enough to scare Burns straight.

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Defendant began to expect more sexual acts to be performed by the Plaintiff. He demanded that plaintiff take her clothes off while she gave massages. He would demand that Plaintiff perform “hand jobs” and allow the customers to touch her.

            Plaintiff would attempt to comply with Defendant’s demands for the customers but she could not do so without crying so some customers would allow her to stop. 

However, some customers would be more physical. Some customers would push plaintiff against the massage tables and attempt to have sex with her. Plaintiff would run from the customers who attempted this. This made Defendant angry and upset.

Defendant would monitor the Plaintiff along with the other girls via peepholes in the walls of the massage rooms. Defendant became increasingly controlling of Plaintiff. He demanded to personally pick her up from home and take her to work as well as take her home from work.

Defendant often gained the trust of Victims by driving them home only to later use that residence information to threaten them with exposure to their family if the Victim did not return to work.In this case, Defendant forced Plaintiff to move to another home because Defendant would attempt to speak to Plaintiff’s aunt and establish a relationship so that if Plaintiff did not comply with Defendant’s requests, Defendant would tell her family about her current employment.  

            Moreover, Defendant attempted to solicit sex from Plaintiff on several occasions. Defendant offered plaintiff $300, $400 and eventually $700 to have sex with Defendant. Plaintiff refused each time. Plaintiff was informed by other girls who worked in the shop that Defendant paid (ranging from $300-$700) for sex with almost all his female employees.   

            Defendant would constantly try to get plaintiff alone with him by requesting her help in cleaning a room or assigning her shifts that were earlier or later than all other employees. Defendant would put Plaintiff in a room with him and then lock the door. He would then attempt to undress her or have Plaintiff perform sexual acts on him. Although Plaintiff constantly denied all requests, Plaintiff constantly feared that Defendant would force her to have sexual intercourse with him.

Due to Plaintiff’s fear and humiliation, she began to lie to family, friends and her boyfriend. She would lie about where she worked and what her job was. This led to Plaintiff’s inability to sleep, paranoia, distress, and depression.  

Plaintiff began to take medication for her inability to sleep, paranoia, distress and depression a few months after she started working at Defendant’s shop.

Plaintiff was able to stop working for Defendant in November of 2011 when he left for a trip to Vietnam.




Defendant Do maintains a storefront named the Sun and Flower Beauty Salon. Defendant is licensed by the State of California, by the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, License No. 255906, at 10722 Katella Ave., Suite 5, Garden Grove, CA 92804. It is not licensed for Massage Therapy.  It is simply a front for a House of Prostitution.

Defendant has claimed to enjoy protection from local law enforcement. Defendant brags about how he will never be arrested because he "knows some people." (However, Defendant was convicted April 26, 2011 for 315 PC, Keeping or Residing in House of Ill Fame)

 Defendant hired Plaintiff under the guise that she would be a massage therapist. After gaining plaintiff’s trust, Defendant slowly and methodically brainwashed and forced Plaintiff into performing “hand jobs”, “blow jobs”, receiving oral copulation and digital penetration with Customers. Defendant forced plaintiff to perform sexual acts for his shop’s customers by threatening to report her to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency if she did not do everything he asked, threatening to tell her family of the acts he forced her to do (thereby shaming her and bringing dishonor to her family), and even threatening that he would hire "friends" to beat up or kill Plaintiff's boyfriend if she did not come to work. Plaintiff suffered severe harm as a result of defendant’s acts.


            In or about March 2011, Plaintiff found an ad in the local Vietnamese Newspaper, Ngu Oi Viet. The ad stated: (translated from Vietnamese):  "We are recruiting Female Shop Assistant, 19 to 35 years old for Body Care Spa, salary from $20 - $25/hour. 714-210-9543….International Students Ok.”

            At the time, Plaintiff was a teenage girl, barely 18 years old. She had not worked in the U.S. and was a virgin with no sexual experience at all. She was unaware of any negative information regarding the notoriety of massage therapy stores or shops. She certainly did not have knowledge of sexual acts being performed at “massage parlors”.

            Plaintiff responded to the ad and met with defendant for an interview. During the interview, she was told that the assistant position was filled but instead she could be a “massage therapist”. Plaintiff was shown how to do a massage by another employee at the shop and was told by Defendant that was all she would need to do.

            Defendant asked Plaintiff for proof of identification. However, when Plaintiff could not provide one, Defendant inquired as to the reason. Defendant asked plaintiff to confide in him and informed her that he could help her with any problems. Plaintiff then admitted to having an expired Visa.

            Defendant said he could help her with her Visa problems, help her buy a car and help her with a place to live. Defendant then requested to see Plaintiff’s passport which Plaintiff provided. However, without Plaintiff’s permission, Defendant made a photo copy of plaintiff’s passport.

            On Plaintiff’s first day of work, during Plaintiff’s first massage with a customer, the customer attempted to touch Plaintiff’s breast during the massage. Plaintiff backed away from the customer, told him, "please don't do that”, and the customer did not attempt to do anything else.

At the end of the massage, the customer spoke with the Defendant in private. The Defendant then approached Plaintiff and requested that she be more “open” to the customers. He assured her that she did not have to do anything, but to try to make the clients “happy” as this would lead to bigger tips.

Defendant also advised Plaintiff to touch the clients softly as this would make customers “happy”. Plaintiff was uncomfortable and unsure about what he was saying. However, when she spoke to the other girls at the shop, they assured her that this was normal.

On the second day of work, Plaintiff was the first to arrive at the shop. There were two customers waiting and Defendant asked Plaintiff to perform a “hand job” for one of the customers.  Plaintiff did not know what a “hand job” was, and when Defendant explained to her what a "hand job" was, she was shocked and informed Defendant that she did not want to do it.

Despite Plaintiff’s protest, Defendant placed plaintiff in the room with the customer. During the massage, the customer began to grab the Plaintiff's arm, and force Plaintiff to touch his penis. When the Plaintiff started crying, the customer threatened to not give Plaintiff a tip. Plaintiff replied it was OK that he did not give her a tip. He then offered to go to his car, take out $400 and give it to her if she would have sexual intercourse with him. Plaintiff told him she would never do that no matter how much money he offered her.

The customer became angry, left the room and spoke to the Defendant in private. The customer and his friend then left the shop. The Defendant then began to yell at Plaintiff. He told Plaintiff that she had to keep the customers happy. Defendant also told Plaintiff that she had no choice, that she was an international student and this was the only way she could make money. He also threatened Plaintiff that if she did not continue to work there, that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) would find out about her illegal status.

Plaintiff became afraid that defendant would become angry with her and inform the ICE about her expired visa.



An account of genuine redemption into a normal tax paying law abiding moral person. Wonderful. These are the accounts we want to see instead of the criminals that turn to gangster rap in a weak attempt to pull the wool over our eyes that they have "changed." 

20ftjesus topcommenter

I remember her!

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