Jeremy Schiro, La Habra Heights Councilman's Stepson, Found Hanging in Pool House

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Jeremy Schiro (left) was found hanging at the home of La Habra Heights City Councilman Howard Vipperman last night.
The stepson of La Habra Heights City Councilman Howard Vipperman was found hanging at the public official's home last night. Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said the man, identified as 34-year-old Jeremy Schiro is believed to have committed suicide at the sprawling complex located in La Habra Heights. An autopsy is planned. 

Schiro, whose Facebook page lists Fullerton as his hometown, was arrested in Utah in 2010 for physically abusing his daughters, then ages 7 and 5. According to Detective Jody Edwards of the Iron County Sheriff's Office, the case came to his department's attention after the girls' grandmother, a California resident, noticed suspicious bruises on their faces. California officials turned the case over to Utah detectives where the crime was believed to have occurred. 

Courtesy Iron County Sheriff's Office
2010 booking photo of Jeremy Schiro, arrested for physically abusing his daughters.
According to Detective Edwards, who interviewed the girls, Schiro and his wife Ashley were in the habit of punishing their daughters by covering the youth's mouths and noses with their hands. The couple pled guilty to the offenses.

Today the Whittier Daily News reported that Vipperman discovered his stepson hanging in the pool house sometime around 5 p.m. last night. Vipperman, who is a member of the La Habra Rotary Club owns VIP Rubber Company, located at 540 S. Cypress. He's been mentioned in OC Weekly articles for his endorsement of Congressman Ed Royce

Responding to a request for comment by Whittier Daily News, Vipperman declined saying the matter was "too personal."

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