Kasey Kahl of The Bachelorette Poses for Sad Police Mugshot in OC to Go with "Pretty" One

When Kasey Kahl posed for the booking photo at right in January, it was dubbed the "prettiest mug shot" Fresno Police officers "ever [saw] come into their station."

It's doubtful sheriff's deputies working the Orange County Jail beat are saying the same thing about the mug posed for this weekend by the former cast member of ABC's The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and VH1's Couples Therapy, as witnessed after the jump.

Photo courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff's Department
Kasey Kahl, not looking pretty
See, Kahl and his reps were able to laugh off his Fresno arrest as the result of his getting too loud outside a joint called Club Habanos. Gossip mongers went with the glamor-mug angle, ran with it and then promptly forgot all about the incident involving spacey-eyed bachelorette Vienna Girardi's former squeeze.

But investigators in Fresno were not so forgiving, and they claim to have gathered enough evidence to charge 29-year-old Kahl with multiple felonies for allegedly attacking two people that Jan. 15 night. The Clovis-born "entrepreneur" is accused of being high on paint thinner--soooo Clovis; just sayin'--when he attacked a man and his girlfriend.

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949girl topcommenter

Hey, this reminds me, I'm still waiting for the booking photo of the Snowboard Bandit...lol


paint thinner - headache to buzz ratio, not worth it.


Clovis - heh heh

MatthewTCoker topcommenter

 @949girl How about a Snowboard Bandit love match with Plain Jane Bandit?

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