Meet John David Carlin, Today's New Face For Child Molester Creepy

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This freak can step down now. We've got a new face for creepy.
Attention Webster's Dictionary, there's a new, more accurate definition of "creep": John David Carlin.

In 2009, the Southern California man was on a date in Orange County with the mother of a 10-year-old girl.

The three of them sat in a Jacuzzi at a condo complex until the woman left to go to classes and mistakenly left Carlin with "J," her daughter.

Taking advantage of the situation, Carlin quickly moved next to the bikini-clad girl and, despite her protests, fondled and squeezed her butt, gave her open mouth kisses and tight embraces.

Thankfully, other condo residents observed Carlin's crimes, interrupted the lewd conduct and called police.

During an interrogation, the suspect gave inconsistent accounts of his conduct but firmly maintained that his physical contact with the elementary school student wasn't sexual, according to court records.

After a heated trial, a jury convicted Carlin and Superior Court Judge Gary S. Paer sentenced him to one year in the Orange County Jail and forced him to register as a sex offender.

The 50-year-old man appealed by claiming prosecutorial misconduct sabotaged his right to a fair trial.

John Carlin lewd acts with minor OC mug.jpg
Carlin: My butt fondling and kisses were not sexual
But this week, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana determined that the case was righteous.

Perhaps because Carlin lives in Lake Elsinore, the file in this matter has been transferred to Riverside County authorities.

He used to live in Westminster.

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Not quite sure I am following your train of thought, but are you alleging that the OCDA plays favorites? They sure seem to be making sure that one of the two headlines on their home page is a sex crime, possibly in an attempt to stir up public hysteria to support their agenda against 290 Registrants. What you are alluding to reminds me of this recent case, where the OCDA declined to get involved by filing felony charges (could be dropped the next day - happens all the time) and allowed the city attorney let the defendant plead to a non-registerable charge. All this for a crime committed in a park during the time tha OCDA was pushing for the Parks Ban. See if you can figure out what is special about the defendant / convict. Not that I wish him or his family any harm - he seems punished enough.


Thanks again to Moxley and the OC Weekly.... for some odd reason, the Orange County District Attorney NEVER issued a notorious "public grandstanding -- toot my own horn" press release when this guy was convicted and sentenced in 2011! This article and the unpublished appellate court ruling is the only public information available based on the fact the criminal case was tried in an Orange County Superior but was conveniently transferred to the Riverside Superior Court, where public court records are NOT easily available to the public. SOMETHING SMELLS about this case -- since when is a criminal case involving a crime committed in the OC, a trial and sentencing is also held in the OC and then suddenly transferred to the jurisdiction of the defendant's residence. Questions to DA Rackauckas and his Chief of Staff: Is this some type of PROFESSIONAL COURTESY extended by the OC District Attorney to a convicted sexual predator? defense counsel? a backroom quid pro quo deal? who was the Orange County prosecutor in this case? In the interests of future protections of children, maybe DA Rackauckas and COS Kang should spend more time focusing on alerting the public when a conviction involves a crime against a child. Stop running around to City Council meetings trying to fake the public in believing you give a rats ass about sex offenders in parks, etc. etc. etc., wasting tax dollars legislating new laws. Maybe you should focus on enforcing the laws already on the books.... with intent to protect ALL ORANGE COUNTY's children, adults and employees.... and yes, even those who are not a member of your inner political circle need protections. How many families, reputations and careers have you destroyed as officers of the court? when you should focus on enforcing the laws already on the books! P.S. Former El Modena HS Band teacher Carlie Attebury's conviction was just reversed by the same appellate court panel this week.... and according to Attebury's attorney, she now lives up North trying to rebuild the life she once had here in the OC... did and/or will the DA transfer Attebury's criminal case up North to accommodate Ms. Attebury? Only in the rich and famous Orange County, California is this type of pick and choose crap enabled.

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