Jimmy Tlamasico, 20 y.o. Santa Ana Gang Banger, Guilty of OC's 20th Murder of 2010

Twenty-year-old Jimmy Tlamasico, who I wouldn't card based on his booking photo at right, is looking at a lifetime in state prison without parole after a jury recently convicted him of committing Orange County's--you guessed it--20th murder of 2010.

Tiamasico shot to death Jose Felix Nieto-Bautista, a 22-year-old Santa Anan who'd just grabbed a baseball bat out of his pickup to help a buddy who'd been jumped by gang bangers.

An Orange County Superior Court jury in Santa Ana found Tlamasico guilty of special circumstances murder, robbery and gang charges, plus enhancements that could lead Judge Richard Toohey to sentence him Sept. 28 not only to life without parole but an additional 25 years to life.

In other words, no one will be carding Tlamasico if he ever reaches an age where he can get out.

Nieto-Bautista, who was not a gang member, made the mistake of driving into Tlamasico's gang territory on North Bewley Street in the early morning hours of May 23, 2010. After Nieto-Bautista's friend got out of the pickup, only to be jumped and robbed, the driver tried to rush to his pal's aide.

Jose Felix Nieto-Bautista, OC Homicide No. 20: Shot During Robbery

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