Jason Ara Erpinar, MySpace Rapist Who Previously Pleaded Guilty, is Convicted Again

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When we Gazed our Navel on MySpace rapist Jason Ara Erpinar and his unicorn-follicle horn being tried the first time in August 2011, we received comments from his pals claiming there is no way the Yorba Linda 23-year-old sexually assaulted three woman, that we were out to get him and that his victims conspired to construct their "stories"--even though none knew one another before his arrest. Erpinar later pleaded guilty, withdrew the plea, got a new trial--and was found guilty by a jury Thursday.

While dating Erpinar when she was 18, a woman was physically abused by him and, between May and October 2007, he raped her by force three times. She actually came forward to tell La Habra Police investigators about the assaults after Erpinar had been arrested for raping two women he met on MySpace in 2008 and 2009.

The first was a 22-year-old Erpinar invited on a date on March 26, 2008. They went to two Orange County parks and drank alcohol, so much that the woman was left drunk off her ass. Erpinar then drove her to a Newport Beach hotel where he raped her.


Erpinar was gone the next morning when the woman awoke with a cracked tooth and several scrapes to her face. She went to the hospital and reported the rape to the Newport Beach Police Department, but no charges were filed due to insufficient evidence at that time.

Our Don Juan with the There's Something About Mary 'do also met an 18-year-old woman on MySpace, and by phone and e-mail he invited her to a March 7, 2009, house party in La Habra, where she would become drunk off her ass to the point of blowing chunks. That did not stop Erpinar from raping her on a bedroom floor.

She reported the assault to the La Habra Police Department the next day, and Erpinar was arrested. Investigators for the police and prosecution then linked him to the previous rapes.

Erpinar pleaded guilty to all the charges against him on Aug. 24, 2011, and he was sentenced to 15 years in state prison. At that hearing in Fullerton, the first rape victim Erpinar met through MySpace, by then age 25, tearfully told the court that the man would cease to exist in her eyes, calling him "a disgrace to the human race."

Because of the rape, she said she had trouble trusting people and was uncomfortable around people she didn't know. But she added she refused to allow Erpinar's sick acts define her, believing she could finally "find closure."

The woman Erpinar raped at the La Habra house party watched from the gallery.

An investigator with the Orange County District attorney's office (OCDA) read a victim-impact statement from Erpinar's ex-girlfriend, who expressed hopes he will spend his prison time reflecting on his crimes, that he will never attack again and that the rapes will "haunt" him wherever he goes.

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