Fordham University Sex-Abuse Scandal Has Orange County Connection

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Right before I went to Kentucky two weeks ago to whittle wood with the good ol' boys and live in a haze of Mellow Corn, I met with a Catholic Church sex-abuse victim from Orange County. He had just unleashed a firestorm back East, where he finally gathered the courage to come out publicly and reveal that the Christian Brother who had molested him more than 40 years ago was none other than James Liguori, the former president of Iona College and the man who headed Fordham University's Westchester campus--or, at least he did after resigning in disgrace after John Doe came out.
The story actually broke last month, when the victim filed a claim against the Christian Brothers. He had previously accused Liguori in 2008, but his superiors said there wasn't enough evidence against him, and so nothing ever happened.

Thank God Fordham is more thorough in its investigation than the Christian Brothers, and let's hope John Doe gets the peace of mind he deserves. Heckuva job, Brownie!

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