Anarchy, Amnesia, Desperation, Tragedy, Cannibalism: 5 Promising Indie Fest USA Clips

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Indie Fest USA, a presentation of domestic and international, short and feature films, comes to "historic" Main Street in Garden Grove Friday through Sunday.

Besides screenings in the Colony of Performing Arts, 12962 Main St., the fest promises parties, live music and plenty of grub and drink.

Here is a video overview:

Yeah, that also seemed to me to be about as helpful as a yearbook to a high school I didn't attend. Better to visit

Here are five films that peaked my interest from visiting the site:

The Last Anarchist

Written and directed by Collin Jay Blair, this short is about an eccentric anarchist and his unique way of grieving a family tragedy. Based on the trailer, star Tyler Rice seems like the kind of activist you might bump into at any recent demonstration against [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE BAILED OUT ORANGE COUNTY CORPORATION OR CITIZEN-MURDERING POLICE FORCE HERE].


Matthew Eason wrote and directed and Oliver Sykes edited and starred as the titular character in this comedy short with the tag line, "Even an idiot can find love." Freddy Fowler is 30, 6-foot-1, 220 lbs., born and raised in Burbank and "sort of an expert on toilet tissue." Spoiler alert: I couldn't find a trailer, so this must be the whole film above. If you want to see it in person, hit stop after the first minute or so.

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