Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall's Arrest Extends Orange County's MMA Crime Wave

Are octagon-shaped jail cells in Orange County's future?

It's worth asking as the local crime wave tied to mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters continues with Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall's recent arrest in Irvine for outstanding warrants.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight must remain in jail through Sept. 13 because there were warrants out for his arrest in connection with a 2008 bust for possessing drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs without a script and failure to show up at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach to take care of a June citation for driving on a suspended license.

Tito Ortiz warms a Surf City Jail bunk.
McCall's lawyer, George Vargas, tells MMAWeekly.com that the drug paraphernalia was needles used to take the fluid out of his ears and that he was sentenced to pick up trash for CalTrans. But drug rehab at the Recovery Center in Costa Mesa and fight training prevented McCall from completing his sentence.

The lawyer reportedly says McCall and his agent went to the Harbor Justice Center the day after he got pulled over to pay more than $2,600 in fines. The fighter then ignored a notice to appear in court that came in the mail a few weeks later, thinking the matter had been dealt with. McCall was arrested on both warrants after getting pulled over leaving the gym on Aug. 14.

Thus continues a string of mayhem involving MMA fighters in a region that includes MMA gyms, bars, management companies, clothing lines like TapouT and Affliction and, obviously, the homes of combatants, their significant others and groupies.

Let's look back at other OC kings of the cage and their clashes with Johnny Law:


Two days after a Twitter war with UFC president Dana White, who had declared 31-year-old Mayhem's UFC career over, the battler lived up to his nickname Aug. 11 by turning up nude on the couch of a vandalized church near his Mission Viejo home. Officers found a broken picture frame, a propane tank and other items spray-painted over, books, CDs and boards that had covered a previously broken window strewn about the first floor and a second floor coated with fire extinguisher residue. Then they came upon naked "Mayhem" lying on a second-floor couch. He was arrested for alleged vandalism. See Jason "Mayhem" Miller of MMA Fame Found Buck Naked in Church.

He was known to MMA fans before movie fans, who remember Joseph Hyungmin Son from his role as Dr. Evil's henchman Random Task in the 1997 comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. But a Huntington Beach woman knew Son long before either set of fans, as he and Santiago Gaitan kidnapped the then 20-year-old on Christmas Eve 1990 before pistol-whipping her, repeatedly raping her and threatening her with a loaded
gun. They then tossed her--bruised, battered and naked except for a jacket wrapped around her head--onto a Compton street as a "Christmas present." DNA evidence taken after Son violated his parole for felony vandalism in 2008 tied him to the crimes 18 years before, but due to the statute of limitations expiring on most of the felonies, he could only be convicted of torture. He was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole but, while awaiting a transfer at Wasco State Prison in Kern County last October, Son allegedly beat his 50-year-old cellmate Michael Thomas Graham to death. See Joseph Hyungmin Son of Austin Powers Fame Accused of Killing Cellmate.

"The Bad Boy of Huntington Beach" also lived up to his nickname the morning of April 26, 2010, when the since-retired UFC Hall of Famer was arrested for throwing the mother of his twin boys, retired porn star Jenna Jameson, into a bathtub in their Huntington Harbour home in a fit of rage. She later showed cops and reporters her battle scars, and he later claimed he was only defending himself after confronting his live-in recovering drug addict with a found OxyContin pill. Looking at the possible loss of Ortiz's $15 million UFC contract, the couple recanted and the case was dropped. See Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz Recant Allegations That Led to Fighter's Arrest.

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