Garden Grove Police: Facebook 'Em, Dano!

The Garden Grove Police Department is partying like it's 2009.

That is, the cop shop is rolling out its new Facebook page featuring the "latest headlines, along with useful services and information."


"Like" the page, check back often and you'll be treated to "the latest and most updated stories of interest originating from the Garden Grove Police Department" and "Police Department news releases and coverage by major news agencies, including video and audio files," the department promises.

Possible future additions include local traffic conditions, street closures and other public safety alerts and information.

Give it a spin at

Speaking as a Navel Gazer, I have found Huntington Beach Police Department's Facebook page quite useful, so hopefully more of the county's other 36 law enforcement agencies will be posting their own pages soon.

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RocketJ topcommenter

So to fully connect to the Garden Grove Police department via the web (or any other government agency using Facebook in the same manner)  I have to agree to Facebook's terms and conditions. To quote Mr Horse "No sir I don't like it."

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