Gail Davidson-Shepard and Daniel Alma Shepard, Husband and Wife Teachers Who Sexed Up Student, Likely Escape Prison Time

Gay Davidson-Shepard
Over the objections of prosecutors, Huntington Beach husband and wife teachers Daniel Alma Shepard and Gay Davidson-Shepard are expected to receive no prison time for their unlawful sex together and alone with a 17-year-old male student.

The Shepards, who are both in their 60s, copped to felonies today that originally had them looking at 5-8 years in state prison. Under a deal with the judge, they will likely receive probation, community service and mandatory counseling, however.

In a case that was marred by former Huntington Beach teacher union president Gay Davidson-Shepard contacting the victim after her arrest, before the trial began and despite his being covered by a protective order, "The People intend to object to the sentence at the sentencing hearing," announced the Orange County District Attorney's office of the scheduled Sept. 27 hearing at the West Justice Center in Westminster.

Daniel Alma Shepard
Since retired, Davidson-Shepard, 60, was a teacher at Mesa View Middle School in Huntington Beach and her 63-year-old husband was a science teacher at Westminster High School, where he met the student. The couple "groomed" the teen in March 2009 by inviting him to their Huntington Beach home for food, alcohol, movies and board games.

They sexually assaulted him for the first time the following month at their home, getting into a hot tub naked and encouraging the lad to follow suit (or un-suit). Gay Davidson-Shepard later got out of the water and gave the boy and her husband blow jobs.

Sex games would then continue weekly, with the teen first plied with alcohol before the mutual masturbating, oral copulating, fucking and anal began. Daniel Shepard sexually assaulted the boy through September 2009, while his wife kept at it through December of that year, when he turned 18, the age of consent.

In March 2011, the teen told his mother what had happened, she contacted the Westminster Police Department, and the couple was arrested the following month.

Gay Davidson-Shepard, Former Surf City Teacher Union Chief, and Retired Science Teacher Husband Accused of Sex with 17-Year-Old Boy

While out of custody on bail and barred from contacting the teen due to the protective order, Davidson-Shepard violated the decree by calling and texting him numerous times.

Gay Davidson-Shepard, Retired Surf City Teacher and Former Union Chief Accused of Underage Sex, Held for Contacting Victim

Before her conviction, she also retired from the Ocean View School District, so don't be surprised if she's pulling down a lavish pension.

Davidson-Shepard pleaded guilty to the court offer today of three felony counts each of unlawful sexual intercourse, sodomy with a person under 18 years old, oral copulation of a minor, and one misdemeanor count each of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and violation of a protective order.

Her husband pleaded guilty to two felony counts of oral copulation of a minor, one felony count of sodomy with a person under 18 years old, and one misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

He is expected to formally be sentenced to two years in state prison, while the Mrs. gets an additional two, but under the deal the judge will stay the prison time if they successfully complete three years formal probation, 60 days of community service and undergo counseling.

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TO TIMMIE MILLER FERGUSON: You are a digusting, total piece of white trash, lying, manipulative whore!  Nothing out of your mouth comes close to the truth.  You've ruined 2 innocent people's lives for the sole reason of thinking you could get a fat paycheck to help finance your alcoholic lifestyle.


Your screwed up son is screwed up because of YOU!  The Shepard's only tried to help you and the mess you created and this is how you thank them...


When a prosecuter strikes a deal where there is no jail time or no registering as sex offenders it's for one reason only...  THEY HAVE NO CASE BECAUSE NO OF THIS EVER HAPPENED!


And what a performance you're putting on for all the media... I KNOW YOU!  I'VE NEVER SEEN YOU ACT LIKE THIS BEFORE! EVER!  YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SON AT ALL!!!  You're a drunk, constantly sticking your big nose in everyone's busuness and spreading lies.


You deserve the death penalty for the shit you've pulled!


I hope you burn in hell, you fucking ugly cunt!


Such a damn travesty.  Two predators get to walk away like they did nothing wrong; like they didn't take my sanity and my son away!!!!  


I was lucky enough to have had both of these people as teachers when I was a student at Mesa View.  I have said from the beginning that these are bogus charges.  Now it looks like I've been proven correct.  There clearly wasn't evidence to convict.  This whole thing has sounded like a witch hunt.  What happened to all the other alleged victims? There was never a case and two previously well respected teachers have had to face a horrific legal battle.  It's very easy to judge people from bad mug shots and shoddy accusations.  Now, hopefully, they can start to enjoy the retirement that they have earned.


@yernass Come on Danny, you know you did this.  And God knows how many other victims there have been over the past 30+ years, since my parents cut you off from contact with my brother. I did a google search to see if you had been prosecuted for these crimes I heard about a couple years back.  So sad that you won't be given jail time. But none of us escape the ultimate justice.


 @yernass HA HA you make me laugh. Anyone in their right mind would never admit to 7 violent felonies if they did nothing wrong.  I was the one who investigated the case and have the concrete evidence you fucking piece of shit.  It is hard to deny DNA you idiot.  Say what you want about me asshole!  Don't be hating!  Let's see, everyone should worry about you around their kids as well, I think you just might be a pedophile as well.

You bet your sweet ass I am suing those monsters, they took everything away from me and I plan to return the favor. Remember idiot, I come from a family with money, so up yours.  Keep running your mouth and threatening me and you shall see what happens to you.  If you know me so well, then you should know better than to threaten me.  Don't forget to keep a watch over your shoulder, one of my extended kids may pay you a visit...and I am sure you won't like it!


@timmiemf It makes me so sad that this happened to your son. I don't believe for a second that Danny didn't do this.  He was completely OBSESSED with my older brother back in the 70's. Danny was in his 20's and my brother was about 9 or 10. It was clear to my parents that Danny was grooming my brother for an inappropriate relationship, and my brother agrees, in retrospect.


 @schmange you fucking idiot, are you retarded. THOSE FUCKING MONSTERS PLED GUILTY TO ALL CHARGES AGAINST MY SON!


 @timmiemf a "guilty" plea to make this whole farce of a case go away.  Word on the street is your family is total trailer trash.  You probably thought you could use your kid to make a few bucks and blackmail some teachers.   There was clearly no case.  You suck and all caps makes you look retarded.


 @timmiemf  @schmange

Not sure that calling someone an "idiot" and "retarded" is constructive, Timmie. There are going to be opposing viewpoints on the Shepards becasue they made possitive impacts on a lot of people's lives. If you were capable of introspection you'll find that you are in no place to call anyone retarded.


 @schmange Um asshole, you are the fucking one who looks like a retard. The guilty plea locks up the civil monetary case. It is not money I am interested in. Sounds to me like you are the piece of fucking trash!!!  Let me guess, you like little kids too huh?

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