Dwight Howard Drops in 20 ... as in Million$ for Newport Coast Estate?

Howard, ready to clog up the middle
So, the purple-and-gold carpool is complete: Kobe Bryant will drive from whichever Newport Coast estate his wife Vanessa is allowing him to stay in over to Dwight Howard's supposed Newport Coast estate, pick up the Lakers new superstar center and then cruise over to John Wayne Airport.

They'll then board a private helicopter bound for practice in Los Angeles, after first flying over the 5 freeway to see how bad the traffic Lakers coach and Anaheim Hills resident Mike Brown is stuck in.

Depending on how much of a task master Brown is to his four superstar starters (when you add in Steve Nash and Pau Gasol), or how much of a mood Kobe's knees are in for wind sprints, they'll decide whether to lower the towing magnet down from the helicopter.

This fantasy sequence is brought to you by those infamous informed sources, who claim Howard just plunked down $20 million for a Newport Coast home before even putting his Orlando pad on the market yet. Guess things aren't tough all over.

But Michael Franco of Newport Coast Real Estate warns this is just a rumor--before zeroing in on the likely address:

The various media reports shows an image of the home that Dwight Howard is allegedly buying. The home is located in the Pelican Crest gated community and is a newer construction home that was reported in theOC Register article dated 2/1/2011. According to the article, the home is a 3 story Santa Barbara style home with 6 bedrooms, 11 baths, private pool, 5 car garage and a reported 14,500 square feet of living space. The home sits at top of the hill side at the bottom of the community and has unobstructed views of the Pelican Hill Resort, Golf Course with stunning ocean and coastline views looking towards LA. This is the newer section of Pelican Crest with very large estate homes being built. Pelican Crest community is a luxury community in Newport Coast where homes start at a mere $5 million dollars and sits directly above the Pelican Hill Resort and Spa. This posh neighborhood has had home reported sales as high as $19,777,777 dollars and is considered one of the most expensive communities in Newport Coast.

This must be the place:

Newport Coast Real Estate
The neighbors are too close for my blood. Well, if I had $20 million blood. And what's with all the cars on the street? Is an Irvine banker out of town, and his son throwing a kegger?

Speaking of the Newport Coast homes of NBA superstars, New York Magazine readers got a look inside one or three of Kobe's up there on Snob Hill, or at least what you could see of it around the oh-so-curvy Mrs. (who does look dazzling in the red evening gown). That's, of course, the same place where Vanessa revealed her man had better get her a new ring.

Vanessa Bryant Demands Kobe Cough Up Another Ring

". . . If you liked it then you'd better put a championship ring on it . . ."

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Notice how black sports stars never build mansions in, say, Santa Ana or Compton?


that is kobe bryant house in newport coast, unless kobe sold it to howard you guys have the picture wrong.  I know that for a fact cuz live in the same street.... 

William Justin
William Justin

JWest & Elgin--Dwight, let me doing your paintin' over Npt Cst...

William Justin
William Justin

Hadn't heard yet that we got a knew, great Big Man...I've been around since Wilt (not your average black superstar millionaire who lives next door) came to town to join J

Jason Hamelberg
Jason Hamelberg

Yahtzee! I guess this is a good indication that he'll sign the Lakers extension at the end of the year!

Ozzy Ramirez
Ozzy Ramirez

Welcome to newport kid its the best place to live!!


They can do like I do.  Get a nice condo in LA but have a house in South OC.

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