Dana Rohrabacher Lies Again About His Commitment To Freedom

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Dana: Hyprocrisy comes naturally
Dana Rohrabacher, Orange County's senior career politician, recently opined on Twitter that he is firmly committed to the ideal that "all people have right to determine destiny through free & honest election [sic]."

Rohrabacher, who first campaigned for Congress in 1988 while promising to serve only a couple of terms and is now approaching three decades in Washington, emphasized the point by repeating it in a separate statement.

But the hypocrisy-prone politician has a long history of undermining the rights of certain U.S. citizens to control their own destiny.

As a member of the House of Representative's committee on the District of Columbia, he routinely claimed that his personal whims were more important than the actions taken by the elected members of the district's city council.

History shows that Rohrabacher has opposed the right of DC residents to have direct representation in Congress and he's fought to overrule city council's votes on local arts funding, hospital funding and court funding.

The Costa Mesa Republican also said his own ideas about gun control should replace the votes of elected city representatives and he even arrogantly meddled in the city's approval of a local real estate development project.

Nobody can be surprised by Rohrabacher's hypocrisy.

After all, this is a man who married a woman indicted for attempting to illegal sabotage an election in Orange County and who quietly aided communist China quest for American satellite technology while angrily accusing Bill Clinton of the exact same act.

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This guy is a perfect example of why term limits should be mandatory. what a waste of a very important position going to a guy with no idea what to do.

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