Sorry, Californians: CSU Plans To Only Admit Out-Of-State Students Next Spring

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A "sleep-in" protest over budget cuts at Cal State Fullerton last year. 
In their latest attempt to address massive budget cuts that have paralyzed public higher education, California State University leaders have come up with a plan that's pretty shitty for those who happen to live in this state.

It was announced earlier that CSU would freeze spring 2013 enrollment on most of its 23 campuses. (Cal State Fullerton was listed as one of the 10 campuses that will accept new students in the spring, but only select transfer students.) 

Now there's an exception. You can be admitted if you're an out-of-stater. California students, on the other hand, are still S-O-L.      

This explanation for the plan is that because nonresidents must pay higher fees than subsidized Californians--$372 more per semester unit for graduate programs--the additional revenue "could go to benefit state residents," CSU spokesman Mike Uhlenkamp told the Los Angeles Times. Most of the spring openings will be at the graduate level. 

While it's clear that the university system needs money, some believe this is the wrong direction to go. 

". . . You do not run a program in the Cal State system and exclude California residents from the application pool to bring in out-of-state folks," Cal State East Bay professor Maria Nieto told the Times. "It's not right."

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Besides, I'll bet that a majority of the 'out-of-staters' (everybody is thinking Iowans or 'Zonies' here) are really foreign nationals. Americans all have their own state universities, I doubt very much many come here to go to state schools.


Do you see the irony in writing this post with its negativity towards 'out-of-staters', when this website constantly pushes the 'rights' of out-of-country-ers'. After all, what is an 'out-of-stater' but an undocumented Californian.

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