Anna Oung, Found in Car Trunk, is Likely a Postpartum Psychosis Suicide Victim: Police

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The Irvine Police Department dealt this week with a case that had the makings of something rare in America's Safest City: a murder.

Anna Oung, 31, of Long Beach, was found dead in the trunk of her car. That her husband led police to the exact location hours after reporting her missing could have raised suspicions. But after investigations by Irvine detectives and the county coroner, the case has been deemed a likely suicide.

Oung, it would be learned, had been battling demons since giving birth just more than three months ago.

But police had originally been engulfed in a "suspicious death investigation," confirms Lt. Julia Engen, the Irvine agency's spokeswoman, due to "the unusual nature of the discovery of Anna."

Oung's husband, who had earlier in the evening reported his wife missing, called Irvine Police just after 11 p.m. to the area of Beech Tree Lane and University Drive in Irvine. He said he had used GPS through his cell phone carrier to locate his wife's car in the residential area only a few miles from where she worked.

There might be some clue inside the vehicle about where Oung had gone, explained the man, who said he had no way to unlock the car. He gave officers permission to get inside the vehicle.

When the trunk was popped open, the mystery of Oung's whereabouts were confirmed, in grisly fashion. There were "visible signs of injury," according to Engen, who noted personal belongings that included Oung's purse and car keys were inside the trunk with her.

That, no doubt, eliminated robbery as a motive. No wonder cops initially believed the circumstances to be suspicious. But the initial findings of the coroner, based on Oung's injuries, and Irvine detectives, based on what they have learned about her, have pointed the ongoing investigation toward a suicide finding.

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Meanwhile no one can state the actual cause of death !

949girl topcommenter

how very, very sad.  I do believe this was a suicide.  About 2 years ago a girl from my high school committed suicide after suffering from post pardom.  She slit her own throat to kill herself. 


Being in irvine makes me wanna kill myself too.


My belief is that this is not self-inflicted.  Someone put her there. 


Too quickly ruled a suicide, even for Irvine. Was COD asphyxiation, heat prostration or something else? What did toxicology show? Can they state with certainty that she was conscious going into the trunk? It's highly unusual that any person, even a disturbed individual, would climb into a trunk and not panic when near death. If her injuries were self inflicted from trying to get out of the trunk, even that casts doubt on the suicide theory.

20ftjesus topcommenter

Why is it this all sounds slightly suspicious?



 Any word on the cause of death yet?


I was thinking about this case this weekend, while carring out my marital duty of sitting through a couple of Lifetime movies.


I thought this sounded like the premise of one.

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