Anaheim PD's Confidential Action Plan for July 29 Protests: Have Undercover Cops, Feed Tired Officers with Fancy Food, and Let the City Burn

Matt Oliver
Hey, I can see protesters from up here!
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Like the good Boy Scouts they are, Anaheim cops were über-prepared two weeks ago when protesters, angered by the officer-involved shooting deaths of Manuel Diaz and Joel Acevedo, announced they would demand justice on July 29 in front of police headquarters. Judging by the 43-page "Anaheim Incident Action Plan" obtained by the Weekly, which outlined a massive multi-agency response, the city's finest were anticipating the assassination of Mickey Mouse himself. 

In case you were wondering, cops don't voluntarily share these sort of things with the media--in fact, recipients of the document were expressly warned not to share it with anyone outside of a "need-to-know" basis. After use, it was to be destroyed in accordance with "Department of Homeland Security policy." 



There are so many goodies contained in the report (gracias, source!) that there's no way we can highlight them all in one post. For now, a summary:

*Anaheim PD, one of the few agencies in the county equipped with its own helicopters, called on additional air power from the Orange County Sheriff's DepartmentCalifornia Highway Patrol and Huntington Beach. With 19 operators and 10 choppers listed, we can't imagine that came cheap. 

*APD also called on nine officers from the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force who were either "equipped to stand a skirmish line (helmet/baton, raid jacket, etc.) or to work in an undercover capacity."

*There were at six undercovers in plain clothes that day "deployed to identify and isolate individuals engaged in unlawful behavior or conduct."
*Officers were brought in from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, as well as La Habra, La Palma, Brea, Placentia, and Fullerton. Swat teams were represented by Anaheim, the Orange County Sheriff's Department, and North and West County SWAT.

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