[W/ VIDEO] Did Anaheim Police Beat a Restrained Man Who Kept Shouting "I Quit! I Quit"?

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A video of an alleged Anaheim Police brutality incident has gone viral, showing police beating a drunk man in an apartment complex. A contributor to BeforeItsNews.com posted the video, claiming the drunk man in the video initially resisted arrest after being restrained successfully, police continued to choke and hit the man in the face as the man screamed "I quit, I quit, I quit!"  

The alleged victim was not identified and there is no confirmation the police in the video are from Anaheim other than the YouTube description saying it happened there, but that has not stopped the video from circulating on social media websites claiming it's another Anaheim police brutality incident, and reaching over 12,000 views. OC Weekly has attempted to contact the blogger who posted the video for more information with no response so far.

The educated guess: even from such a distance and at night, those look like Anaheim PD uniforms--note the black shirts and pants, and the placement of the shoulder patch. But can any of you Anaheimers identify the apartment complex?

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