Anaheim City Council Meeting Held in Auditorium, Sees Large Turnout

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Brandon Ferguson
Last night's Anaheim City Council meeting, held in the auditorium of Anaheim High School.
Dozens of Anaheim residents outraged by the recent spate of officer involved shootings focused their anger addressing the city council again last night. A phalanx of news vans was parked on Lincoln Avenue as hundreds of people gathered in the massive auditorium at Anaheim High School. The location was specially reserved to accommodate a large crowd and avoid a repeat of July 24 when council chambers reached capacity and people rioted in the streets. 

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Brandon Ferguson
Anaheim resident Martin Lopez addressing the Anaheim City Council last night.

Though the anger was palpable in last night's public comments, for the most part, things remained civil. However, as Genevieve Huizar spoke of her son Manuel Diaz's death at the hands of officers, an unidentified man in a suit loudly shouted "You're a terrible mother." 

As he stormed off, some in the crowd booed and he could be heard muttering, "You brought this on yourself."

Other speakers included Donna Castro, the mother of Joel Acevedo, shot by police the day after Diaz. After criticizing the media for focusing solely on the status of some residents as gang members, she recounted a story from last May when residents say undercover officers entered the neighborhood on Guinida Lane in a repossessed impounded car belonging to rival gang members attempting to incite violence. 

Anaheim Police Spokesman Sgt. Bob Dunn declined to comment on what Castro claims she was told.

"I don't have any specific information on that," he said. "I can't answer that."

Not all public comments at last night's meeting expressed sympathy for those shot by cops. Kerry Condon, the president of the Anaheim Police Association, said his group supported the officers involved in the recent incidents.

"Thank God our officers are alive and able to go home to their families," Condon said, adding that two months ago gang members on Guinida Lane confronted and shot at two officers. When the city clerk told Condon his time was up, someone in the audience shouted, "It was up a long time ago."

Other areas of discussion included calling for changes to Anaheim's current practice of holding at-large elections. Many in the crowd displayed signs demanding district-based elections. Community leaders argue the city, which is 52 percent Latino, isn't equally represented. None of the councilmembers are hispanic and four of five live in the city's affluent Anaheim Hills neighborhoods.

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Today I am extremely proud to be an Anaheim resident! Thank you Anaheim Police for arresting, legitimately charging and sweeping Eastside gangbangers from Anaheim! Operation Halo! Brilliant! James Robert Reade 


Mayor Tait, I am pleased to report from my neighborhood, 250 homeowners

and mostly Mexican families with children of all ages were not involved in riots/protests.


July 4th this year, Mr. Packaging Vice President Daniel Rowlett

was stabbed to death an exceedingly cruel number of times on La Palma Avenue

by a documented street-gang terrorist

whose stomping grounds included Anna Drive, Pauline Street and Julianne Avenue.


To demonstrate I appreciate Anaheim Police Officers who protect our city,

and acknowledge importance of preserving our democratic institutions,

I would like to submit this Wells Fargo cashier's check donation of $1,000

in memory of Daniel Rowlett to the Anaheim Police Association.


I encourage the public to donate $100, $20 or any amount possible

to the Anaheim Police Association in memory of Daniel Rowlett

to support police officers who risk their lives

to stop the overwhelming domination of street-gang terrorism

at Anna Drive, Guinida Lane and throughout the City of Anaheim.


Conviction for brandishing a firearm at Anaheim High School,

conviction for selling illegal narcotics

and attempting to escape prosecution by intentionally posturing from the hip

to fake the aiming of a firearm at a peace officer -

Acepta las consecuencias cuaundo cometes un crimen!


Prior violent criminal records

and extremely dangerous confrontational behavior

of Anna Drive's Eastside gangbangers,

Ponderosa Park's gangbangers,

Guinida Lane's gangbangers and several other street-gang terrorists,

is the defining factor for the lawful response of our police officers.


Our most critical moment in history as a world class city is now.

We must firmly unite with our police department.

We must back the Anaheim Police Association with our full support.

We must without compromise protect our police officers' right to defend

against the overwhelming domination of violent gangbangers

and culpable parents who litter Anaheim with tears for sons who stomp on us.


Log on to my new website

Click on the links:

Parental Responsibility. Work Ethic Development. Good Neighbor Sustainability.


James Robert Reade Anaheim CA



Brandon you quoted me totally wrong. This is why I don't speak to the media. I was speaking of two separate incidences. My son had nothing to do with the three that were involved with the officer shooting back in May. I was only telling you that officers from the gang enforcement had been driving an impounded car from a rival gang and they were yelling out a gang name so as to instigate violence in that neighborhood. I told you I think that is a form of street terrorism by the Anaheim PD. The newspaper only mentioned that three men had shot at officers but they did mention anything about how the officers went there to provoke violence.


My son was killed on July 22, 2012. When I first arrived at the scene they would not tell me if he was my son and told me to go away. My sister was able to identify my son from an upstairs window. Later, they would still not let me see my son but officers told my sister they would take her and only her to see his body. As they were walking towards my son, the officers told my sister they would only let her see him if she told everyone that she saw a gun. She then told them she would not tell anyone such a thing and walked back to me. The officers formed a wall with their riot gear and they seemed to want to start violence with us and the bystanders. I begged the people to stay back and I told the officers I did not want anyone else to get hurt. Sgt. Hunter then told me my son ran and shot at them so they shot back and was killed instantly. But Sgt Dunn said a gun was found in the vehicle. My son's body was nowhere near the vehicle. A few days later a picture of my son appeared in the news with a gun near his feet. How does a gun get from the vehicle to near my son's feet? I was also told by witnesses that my son never shot at officers. Witnesses heard my son giving up and yelling for help before he was shot, handcuffed then beaten. My son was still alive but officers did not let paramedics give medical attention. Instead they sent the paramedics away. They waited till my son died before they let me and my family know it was indeed my son.


Oh.  THREE of the city's councilmembers are white, and FOUR of them (including the Indian and the Filipina) live in the HIlls.


The "unidentified" wacko who heckled Mrs. Huizar is a stone asshole named James Robert Reade, who speaks against alleged gangbangers and their "terrible parents" at every meeting, usually as the very first speaker when he can manage it.  Then he spends the rest of the meeting mad-dogging other speakers, getting in their faces to take their picture, and occasionally getting scolded by the cops.  Now he's got a new project he's very proud of:  Just sayin', he's got a big close-up photo of your own darling Amber Stephens on there with the creepy caption "Hi Amber!"


 @DonnaMichelle Yes Donna. Indeed I fucked up royally. Please accept apology and know that I did not intentionally try to misrepresent your statement.


 @20ftjesus Massey [the subject of the linked article] is full of shit -- his thesis that the circular migration of Mexicans to the US that used to happen in the 1940s and 50s was disrupted by the wall ignores a whole bunch of things: the growth of the welfare state which means that Mexican immigrant headed households are now subsidized, heavily; he ignores the 1986 amnesty which gave a foothold to millions of Mexicans to bring their extended families up; he actually believes that 20 million Mexicans (not Mexican-Americans, Mexicans) is not a huge influx of people. 


 @brandonf76 Ay dois mios, don't you guys have an editor who can count? What the heck kinda crap you guys publish amazes...

GustavoArellano moderator editortopcommenter

 @20ftjesus Yeah, that's why we put on the cover of the Weekly a couple of weeks back "NUKE THE CHOLOS." Feel free to be crazy, but don't be dumb!!!


 @ernestogoldstein Please stop pretending to speak Spanish. It's really painful for those of us who actually do. (I assume you can't actually speak Yiddish either.)

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