A Clockwork Orange County is a New Documentary You May Have Already Seen

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As OC Weekly print readers nearing Medicare age know, your humble servant contributed a weekly news digest column called A Clockwork Orange, which some allege was a precursor to Navel Gazing. Remnants still exist somewhere on the webby-nets and in my garage.

Well, I am happy to report that some Hollywood types have released a documentary on the cultural tsunami I created called A Clockwork Orange County. Uh, check that . . .

Yes, there is now a film out there called A Clockwork Orange County, but my only connection is I've written extensively about the movie under its previous title, We Were Feared, which borrows footage from Paul Young's crude 1981 documentary Urban Struggle: The Battle of the Cuckoo's Nest, which you may have seen in a bootleg bin at Vinyl Solution.

Jerry Roach (the chap in the beard) with the Ramones.
Jerry Roach of Cuckoo's Nest: Not Dead

Let us drift back not to the mid-'90s through early aughts (when A Clockwork Orange the column reigned supreme)--let alone 1971 (when Kubrick's disturbing film came out) or 1962 (when Anthony Burgess' dystopian novella hit the shelves)--but only as long ago as April 2010, when We Were Feared made its world premiere with a sell-out screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

The late, great, smelly, sweaty and deliciously dank Cuckoo's Nest.
Newport Beach Film Festival: We Were Feared Premiere

We Were Feared/A Clockwork Orange County time-trips itself, back to the fast rise in 1977 and hard fall in '81 of old school punkpressario Jerry Roach's controversial nightclub the Cuckoo's Nest in Costa Mesa, where everyone from Iggy Pop and the Ramones to Black Flag and the Circle Jerks performed, the West Coast hardcore punk sound took hold and what you kids now call the mosh pit may have been born. Essentially shut down as a club by the city, the building was later swallowed up by arch-enemy neighbor Zubie's before both were torn down years ago and paved for a Goat Hill industrial site.

Photo by John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
They're No. 1! Duane Peters and Jerry Roach
Attitude Counts at We Were Feared World Premiere

The documentary has been warmly received, but like Roach, the Cuckoo's Nest and all the assorted A Clockwork Orange-named incarnations cited here, it was steeped in controversy from the start.

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