Is Hurricane Isaac and Quake Swarm God's Wrath for Not Nominating Rick Santorum?

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Before we get to the shakers, if no one else has yet, may I be the first to blame Southern California's earthquake swarms and Hurricane Isaac on God's wrath for the Republicans nominating Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum?

Or, perhaps the King of Kings is an Obama man and he's just pissed at the GOP for nominating anyone.

In case Pat Robertson beat me to the Santorum theory, let us get onto the news that a magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck at 1:31 p.m. today and was centered two miles north-northeast of Yorba Linda, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

This was actually an aftershock of the two strong jolts that rocked Yorba Linda on Aug. 7 and 8.

Quake Rolls Through Yorba Linda ... to Yawns

Here's what's weird about that: I felt today's and Aug. 8's at the exact same place, sitting at the head of my kitchen table, keying in all this Navel Gazing crapola for your joyous consumption.

On Aug. 8 it just felt like a strong jolt. Today, it was like that, then a pause, then a weak, rolling feeling that lasted longer than the Aug. 7 and 8 events.

Between now and then, of course, we had the swarms to the south in Imperial Valley.

So, how ya'll in the Y.L. doing today?

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