Zombie Blood Taste and Odor Spur Suit

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A marathon of the first two seasons of AMC's splatterific The Walking Dead, which is based on the comic-book series of the same name, rolled Sunday, as did a special black-and-white version of the series premiere and a Talking Dead recap.

Hours later came word of a lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana that involves the sale of "Zombie Blood" in transfusion bags. Coinky-drink, er, dink?

Harcos, a Delaware company that makes novelty products that include its drink called Zombie Blood Energy Potion, is suing Oxnard's Primal Essence, which packaged the drinks; Power Brands Consultants, the international bottler; and Silliker, a division of an international firm that tested the drink for consumer safety.

The gist of the complaint? Zombie Blood doesn't taste right.

It apparently wasn't always so, according to the suit that seeks unspecified damages for negligence and breach of contract as well as the recoup of out-of-pocket losses for developing and bringing the products to market, storing and destroying spoiled products and lost profits.

Zombie Blood, a green beverage developed in 2009 as a follow-up to a red Harcos energy drink simply known as Blood, apparently flew off the shelves of retailers such as Hot Topic like discarded femurs at an undead brunch.

But then came consumer complaints by the end of 2010, according to the complaint, that the red and green drinks stink, that the novelty transfusion bags explode and--worst of all--that what is supposed to mimic blood (tainted by the walking dead or not) tasted like yogurt.

As if. Everyone knows the blood of zombies tastes a wee bit like liquid Liv-a-Snaps, with a playful hint of papaya and Shane Walsh's back hair. Okay, in my dark dreams it does.

This is apparently no joke to Harcos, which has retained Vladi Khiterer of Newport Beach law firm Khiterer & Park.

The complaint pinpoints a protein used incorrectly in the manufacturing process as the cause of microbial organisms growing and causing the drinks to spoil, the bags to expand and eventually explode and the company to take a financial bite in the marketplace like a sumo wrestler being dug into by a pack of famished flesheaters.

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Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

Yep, misunderestimated my DVR recordings, caught it and re-did the intro around the time you posted this. Wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for keeping me honest. 

Zombie Apocalypse Monthly
Zombie Apocalypse Monthly

The third season of Walking Dead didn't premiere last night. It was a preview of the third season and a marathon of the first two seasons. Sloppy reporting is sloppy.

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