What's Up With Placentia And Marijuana Seizures?

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Wow, who knew Placentia could be so interesting?

For the second time in less than a week, police in Orange County's least interesting city--La Habra lost that honor thanks to Octomania--have made a major pot bust.

The first one last week involved an electrical wiring problem that led to a fire, and in turn, the discovery of more than 1500 marijuana plants. Number two: cops searching a search warrant at a building on Friday night say they found 300 plants and 10 pounds of ready-to-sell weed, according to the Orange County Register.

The cops are insisting that the two busts are unrelated, and given that the first, more substantial seizure appears to have been dumb luck, it seems likely that's the case. There's been no word of any arrests in the fire-related bust, but the cops did take a person described as a caretaker of the second growing operation into custody.

Given that local OC law enforcement agencies, with a healthy assist from the feds, have been ramping up raids on pot dispensaries that operate in the open, it's likely these type of operations are going to be increasingly in the news--instead of taxing and regulating legal outfits, we're wasting tax money cracking down on them, which leads to an increase in underground activity, which we can then waste even more cash chasing after. Of course, I kid. Eradicating marijuana will solve all America's woes. I keep forgetting that, somehow.

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Drake's #1 fan
Drake's #1 fan

Honestly weed doesnt do anything bad to your body on the other hand alcohol has killed more people than cannabis so yea they should just legalize marijuana and just ban alcohol and yes I know I dont know how to spell gosh im still in school -.-

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