Video: Long Beach Police Accused of Excessive Force at Pot Club

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A $1 million claim was filed yesterday against the city of Long Beach alleging police brutality during a recent raid of the THC Downtown Collective, a marijuana dispensary that follows state law but operates without a city permit. In a video posted on Youtube, one officer can be seen stepping on the back and neck of a dispensary worker who has already surrendered, while another officer attempts to destroy a security camera in an apparent effort to destroy evidence.

The raid in question is just one of almost countless such operations carried out since Long Beach carried out a controversial Nov. 2010 lottery that allowed clubs with enough wads of cash to bid for a city permit to pay to play, although many clubs that won were later amended out of contention by increasingly restrictive geographical conditions to operate.

Dorian Brooks, the employee named in the complaint, which was filed yesterday by attorney Matthew Pappas, was lying on the floor of the dispensary shortly after police arrived at 1:30 p.m. on June 19, when he says an officer stepped on his back and neck, placing his entire weight on him.

The complaint states that this conduct violated Brooks' civil rights and caused him personal injury. The Long Beach police are reportedly investigating the incident, and unfortunately for the officers involved who tried to destroy the camera, the entire thing was being filmed from a remote location, so good luck with that, fellas!

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California was all gung hoe for opening up MMJ dispensaries....Just as long as hey could charge and collect the licensing fees and get business tax revenues

After they charge the fees and helped the State of Californa out of its debt ....then the police went in and shut them down.

So we learned that the state will manipulate the system to meet their needs...not the people they represent

Same thing has taken place in Colorado....they allowed mmj dispensaies to open up for 6 months then shut um down due to new zoning or amendments or whatever excuse they make up at the time to cover their asses

And the money the State collected is used to by stuuff like $1000 chairs unbelievable


Thieving cops destroying cameraS in order to hide theft and brutality. Video looked like one of those stupid criminal vids you see on TV. Idiot, thieving cops.

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